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Canon 650D (T4i) Review: The Best Budget DSLR Is Kind of a Bummer

More than two years ago, the Canon 550D aka the T2i set the standard for beginner DSLRs. The camera proved, for £700-odd, that you could get beautiful photos and slick HD video. It was incredibly popular, as was Canon's 2011 follow-up, the 600D (T3i). Read More >>

Canon DSLR Video Compared: 1DX vs 5D Mark III vs 650D

Canon DLSRs are popular for video shooting, and you can pull beautiful footage from the low end 650D to the high end 1D series. But what is the difference in image quality in a price range from £700-£5300? We've had a 650D, 5D Mark III, and 1DX all in ou possession, so we decided to take a closer look. Read More >>

Canon EOS M: Finally, a Tiny Camera Designed to Slurp HD Video

Canon's compact, large-sensor camera is finally here. Until now, Canon was the last major manufacturer that didn't offer a mirrorless, interchangeable-lens camera, and from what we can tell it was worth the wait. The Canon EOS M looks like a beast. And it's pretty cheap, too. Get ready to swoon. Read More >>

Rumoured Canon T4i Specs: 18 Megapixel Sensor, ISO 12800

Canon Rumors posted what they claim are the specs for the Canon T4i, the successor to the company's entry-level T3i. And judging from the rumoured numbers, any improvements made won't be quantifiable. Read More >>


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