The Truth Behind Apple's Latest iPad Advert

Apple's latest iPad advert shows the tablet being used by helicopter rescue pilots, storm chasers, ice hockey coaches, musicians, Bollywood filmmakers, scuba divers, rock musicians and artists. But let's face it, you're using it on the toilet, aren't you? Full size at the source. [Doghouse Diaries] Read More >>

Rumour: Nokia is Readying an 8-Inch Lumia Tablet for 2014

Two independent sources— Evleaks and Verge—are reporting that Nokia is in the process of preparing a second, smaller Windows-based Lumia tablet, which might be available next year. Read More >>

iPad Air Teardown: Glorious Guts, But So Much Glue

We know it's light, fast and beautiful already, but we still haven't seen inside Apple's new iPad Air. Fortunately, iFixit has had the good grace to rip the thing apart. Read More >>

iPad Air Meta Hands-On: Thin, But Not Flimsy

An A7 processor, a 20 percent weight loss, and faster Wi-Fi. Apple's fifth generation iPad, the iPad Air, has arrived. But will it feel fragile in our (admittedly clumsy) hands? How much do those new dual microphones improve the sound quality when I'm blasting my favorite Eddy track? And just how much better is its new camera? We culled the best insights from the hands-on reports popping up online for you, below. Read More >>

Surface 2 Review: One Step Forward, Two Steps Behind

The Surface RT was Microsoft's brassy if ultimately flawed to drop a cannonball in the placid, iPad and Kindle-dominated tablet pool. It didn't quite work out. With the Surface 2, Microsoft is taking the opportunity to say "No guys, but really," with a blistering, scary sort of confidence. Read More >>

Sharp Chop-Syc Chopping Board Offers Digital Distractions to Slice Your Fingers Off to

Did the Jetsons ever do any cooking, or did they just leave absolutely everything up to their robot slaves? If they ever did get around to putting their own meals together, they'd have probably used their vibro-knives to chop up ingredients on something like this, the Chop-Syc interactive chopping board. Read More >>

This Is Possibly Perhaps What the New iPad Will Look Like

There have been a number of component leaks all claiming to show off Apple's new iPad recently. But now, prolific Apple leaker Sonny Dickson has put together components to give us the best idea so far of what the next-gen iPads might look like. Read More >>

Video Claims to Show New iPad With Smaller Body, Same Screen Size

There have been rumours floating around for a while suggesting that the new iPad will be more like the current iPad miniand now a video claiming to show off a 5th generation iPad seems to reinforce those claims. Read More >>

Samsung Is Offering Up Two New Tablets

At Samsung's event in London today, they took the lid off of two new Windows 8 tablets. One is very normal. The other is very weird. We're pretty excited about the weird one. Read More >>

A Joytab Tablet Is Your So-Cheap-I-Might-As-Well Deal of The Day

The dream is almost a reality. The dream being that the price of tablets are so low that we can have one in every room in the house, along with four of five of them strapped to our bodies. Yes, THAT dream. Read More >>

The Microsoft Surface Pro Running OS X Must Have Steve Jobs Turning in His Grave

It's just a more-or-less just a standard PC in a tablet frame, so of course the Surface Pro can probably run OS X -- almost any modern X86-based PC can these days. But should you run OS X on the Microsoft Surface Pro? One intrepid hackintosher seemingly decided to give it a whirl. Read More >>

19 Adorable Animals Using Technology Adorably

Some say that pets start to take after their owners, but to what extent? Will Socks start bogarting the remote? Are you going to have to pry the iPad out of Buster's paws? Actually, uhm, yeah; looks that way. It also looks adorable. Read More >>

Samsung Slotting an 8" Galaxy Note Into Its Enormous Android Range

Those of you still counting Samsung phone and tablet models have a new one for the long, long list, with leaks suggesting it's preparing an 8" Galaxy Note to sit between the 5.5" Note II and the larger 10" version of the stylus-based tablet. Read More >>

Sony Xperia Z Getting Pumped up to 10" Size for Sony's Next Tablet

As if five inches wasn't already near enough tablet proportions, Sony's apparently about to launch a larger tablet version of its forthcoming Xperia Z at full 10" size. Read More >>

windows 8
The Ultimate Windows 8 Hybrid Roundup

Looking for a laptop replacement, but tired of talk of convertibles, hybrids, sliders, touch-friendly laptops and slates? Drowning in advertising-speak about how this new Windows-8 device is going to make your life infinitely better? Yeah, us too. Never fear, though, we've got your back! Follow on after the break to find out everything you'd ever dreamed to dare to know about Windows 8 hybrids. Read More >>

Apple Finally Patents the Round-Cornered Rectangle

Debate has raged, not least in the courts, about whether Apple should really be able to patent a rectangular device with rounded corners. Seems the US Patent and Trademark Office thinks it can, because it just granted a patent which lays claim to the shape of the iPad. Read More >>


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