A Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is Your "Rather Unwrap This Than an Easter Egg" Deal of the Day

Are you still waiting to buy a tablet? Are you holding out to see if they're pointless or not? The fact is, of course tablets are pointless, but, they're fun things to have. You can watch Netflix in the bath. You can read newspapers online while having a poo. You can replace both Netflix and newspapers with 'dirty films' if you wish. Read More >>

Nokia Pulls the Lumia 2520 Tablet From Stores

As if owning one wasn't bad enough, Nokia has suspended the sale of its Lumia 2520 tablet due to electric shock risk. (It's actually the charger which is dangerous.) Read More >>

Here's What Tablets Looked Like in 2001, Courtesy of the Nokia M510

It's probably for the best that tablets didn't really enter the public mindset until a few years ago, as the Nokia M510 Web Tablet from the distant past year of 2001 shows that the technology of the early 2000s wasn't exactly... glamorous. Read More >>

An LG G Pad 8.3 for £114 is Your "Easter Tablet Treat" Deal of the Day

Want a decent tablet, but don't want to break the bank because you still need money for cigarettes, packets of Frazzles, dildos, thongs, Billy Bear ham and all manner of other disgusting things you get up to when you host your 'parties'? Fear not - today you get get an ace tablet for cheaper than usual! Read More >>

Dark Ages Windows XP Users Can Get £80 Off of Surface Tablets

Having finally dropped support for the ageing Windows XP operating system, Microsoft is looking to lure as many people as possible onto its Windows 8.1 platform. As such, anyone looking to buy a Surface Pro (Wi-Fi only, 128 GB for £439) or Surface Pro 2 (WI-FI only, 64 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, starting at £719) from the Microsoft Store using a Windows XP machine will be offered an £80 discount on the tablet range. [Microsoft] Read More >>

4G-Enabled Microsoft Surface 2 Gets Priced and Dated for UK Release

4G connectivity -- it's a god-given right of flagship mobile tech these days, right? Microsoft today brings its Surface 2 up to speed in the UK, announcing the May 8th release of its 4G-enabled version of the Windows tablet. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy Tab4 Series is a Modest Upgrade in Three Sizes

It may be "one louder" than Samsung's Galaxy Tab3 range in the sequential numbering stakes, but the newly revealed Tab4 line-up (previously leaked by the company itself) remains only a minor upgrade to the mid-range gang. Read More >>

Magnetic Building Blocks That Interact With Touchscreen Tablet Apps

There's a fear that touchscreen devices like smartphones and tablets will one day turn kids into lifeless, imagination-less zombies with a concentration span shorter than Vine video. To bridge the gap between the toys of yesteryear and tomorrow, researchers at the National Taiwan University created a building block toy that can interact with apps on a touchscreen tablet. Read More >>

6-Inch Motorola Monster Rumoured for Q3 Launch

New owner Lenovo is set to continue flushing devices out through the Google-era product development pipeline, with reports suggesting the Motorola "phablet" is scheduled to appear in Q3 of 2014. The device, previously expected to have a 6.3-inch display, is now just referred to as being a six-incher, with a late-summer arrival expected. [GForGames] Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro Advert Lays Into iPad, Surface and Kindle

This is the advertising equivalent of walking up to the most popular kids in school, kicking them in the nether regions and then asking them out for a fight. Fair play to Samsung's Galaxy Tab Pro advert -- it's got balls, if not all of its facts straight. Read More >>

Apple Replaces Ageing iPad 2 With 16GB iPad 4

Apple has re-introduced the fourth-generation iPad , replacing the ageing iPad 2 with a single 16GB version of the newer tablet. Read More >>

WSJ: Microsoft and Google are Crushing the Dual-OS Dream

A report by the Wall Street Journal claims that Intel's grand plans to stuff Android and Windows into the same tablet have hit a brick wall: neither Google nor Microsoft want hardware to sport the competitor's OS alongside their own. Read More >>

Gear Fit Gaffe Outs the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Range

It's OK Samsung, I understand. If I was juggling an international product release calendar that was busier than the Doomsday Book I'd probably make a few slip ups too. Read More >>

Tesco's Hudl Now Comes With a Smartphone in New Bundle

The Tesco Hudl took us all by surprise when it turned out to be actually rather good despite its budget price tag. And it's now being offered alongside one of a range of smartphones as part of a bundle, as Tesco Mobile looks to entice more customers to its network. Read More >>

ASUS Zen UI is an Android Re-Skin You'll Actually Want to Use

“Re-skin, re-skin, re-skin”. Say it three times and the Android bogey-monster will appear. So often we’re subjected to bloated, horrid Android interfaces unique to individual manufacturer’s personal whims that it comes as a pleasant surprise to announce that the Asus Zen UI is actually pretty good. Read More >>

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Lenovo Debuts New Asanas With Yoga Tablet 10 HD+

Lenovo's new Yoga Tablet 10 HD+ is what the hardware maker calls a "multimode Android device," which is marketing speak for a... tablet. A tablet with a 1920 x 1200 resolution display and a round battery, but still. It's a thing for listlessly refreshing web pages on. Read More >>

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