Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet Hands-On: A Familiar Waterproof Monolith

The tablet market is busier than it’s ever been, but Sony’s Xperia Tablet Z, with its waterproofing, minimalist design and super-slim frame, always felt like a unique prospect. While the impact of today’s reveal of the Xperia Z2 Tablet is lessened by familiarity with its excellent predecessor, it’s still looking like a very impressive slate. Read More >>

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MWC 2014: Phones, Smartwatches and Tablets You Need to See

Every year mobile companies descend on Barcelona -- not for the tapas and sangria, but for Mobile World Congress, the annual show that launches a thousand phones (and miscellaneous phone tat. Oh, the iPhone cases!) Bookmark this page for a run-down of the phones, tablets and smartwatches you should pay attention to -- we won't ask again. Read More >>

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Forget Bendy Phones, Samsung May be Lining Up a Flexible Tablet for MWC

Curved TVs, bendy phones -- get ready to add flexible tablets to the list of tech staples doing away with slate-like designs. A fresh rumour surrounding Samsung's MWC showing suggests it is planning to reveal a tablet that can be bent at a right angle. Read More >>

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This Samsung Tablet and Phone Bundle is Your "Have Both For Less Than an iPad" Deal of the Day

Is your phone rubbish? Are you tired of trying to tweet through Take Me Out with your laptop on your knee, burning through your thigh muscles and cooking the marrow in your leg bones? Well, sounds like you need a new smartphone and tablet. Read More >>

Old Man iPad 2 is Finally Allowed to Retire

It's had a good innings, right? 2011's iPad 2 is being sent to a tech care home, to be discontinued as sales have slowed to a point where Apple is now happy to focus on its most recent slates. Read More >>

A Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 for £149 is Your "iPads are for Posers" Deal of the Day

You don't have enough stuff in your life. You might think you do, but you don't. You need more things. You always need more things. Things to put on shelves. Things to insert into your orifices. Things that you don't care for now, but might be 'worth something' in the future. Most of all, you need more gadgets to distract you from the towering clutter in your house! Read More >>

Rumour: HTC May be Making the Next Nexus Tablet

Well, it was hardly going to be Motorola now, amirite? A Taiwanese news report suggests that HTC will be following in the footsteps of ASUS and Samsung, delivering the next entry into the Nexus tablet line. Read More >>

From Tablets to TVs: What's Next For Display Tech in 2014

Starting in 2010 when Apple made the retina display and display quality a central theme for their product marketing, displays have moved up from the doldrums into an unprecedented renaissance of new display technologies for smartphones, tablets, TVs, and entirely new classes of products like wearable displays. Read More >>

All of the Real Life Technologies That Star Trek Predicted

Believe it or not, over the years the Star Trek writers have predicted everything from tablets, to Google Glass, to even 3D printers. Of course the replicators aboard the USS Enterprise were far more advanced than even the most cutting-edge 3D printers we have now, but it's only a matter of time before a mug of piping hot Earl Grey tea is just a voice command away. [YouTube via Tastefully Offensive] Read More >>

Apple Wants to Scan Your Emotions to Aid Advertisers

Or at least that's what's suggested by Apple's "Inferring user mood based on user and group characteristic data" patent, which has just been uncovered. Read More >>

Apple Patents Solar Sandwich Charger Layer for MacBooks

Apple's been dreaming about the future again, forseeing a world in which the sun still shines through the industrial smog and is strong enough to power and charge a MacBook or iPad battery via a layer of photovoltaic cells. Read More >>

Early Samsung NotePRO Tablet Pre-Orders Include a Pricey Gamepad for Free

Like the look of Samsung's Galaxy NotePRO tablet that we played about with at CES 2014? Then you'll be pleased to hear that from January 28th you'll be able to pre-order it in time for an "early 2014" shipping date. Read More >>

Mythical Nexus 8 May Arrive With an Intel Chipset

The long-rumoured Nexus 8, which many people see as the next logical tablet move for Google, could arrive this year, with supply sources suggesting it might even be powered by an Intel processor. Read More >>

We Can't Decide if Nintendo Should Port its Classics to Mobile or Not. Can You?

Nintendo isn't doing too great recently. With the release of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, its already-struggling Wii U console has failed to lure in enough next-gen gamers, and the company has been forced to slash its sales forecasts as a result. Read More >>

Surface Pro 2 Firmware Update Fixes Battery Borking Problems

Second time lucky? After botching the first firmware roll-out for its actually-quite-good Surface Pro 2 tablet (with the initial update being pulled after affecting the device's battery life), Microsoft has rolled out a new fix for the machine. Read More >>

You Can Build This Elegant Rapberry Pi Tablet Yourself

Hey, a new tablet! Crisp 10-inch touchscreen? Check. Luxurious carbon fibre and wood case? Present. Huge 10,000mAh battery? Yep. Linux-based and built at home? Err... Read More >>


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