Is It "It", "Tag", "Tig", "Tap" or "Dobby"?

You know that kids game, where you run around the playground like you're hopped-up on an entire sugar factory, trying to avoid the one person who's "it"? If they touch you, you become the rampant zombie everyone's afraid of. Apparently we all call it by a different name depending on which part of the country you're from. So what do you call it? Read More >>

Rumour: Nokia to Launch a Bluetooth Tag to Keep Track of Your Stuff

The Verge is reporting that Nokia is planning to launch a new proximity sensor to tie in with its Lumia range, which will combine NFC and Bluetooth 4.0 to track items from your phone. You may never lose your keys again. Read More >>

Facebook Turns Off Facial Recognition Software In the EU

Had a good few too many on a night out and one of your friends is a snap-happy, camera-toting madman? Fingers crossed that they don't tag you, but if they do, have no worries about some of those drunken untagged photos of you popping up in the Tag Suggest feature on Facebook, as the social networking giant's facial recognition software is soon to be switched off in the European Union due to privacy concerns. Read More >>

At Last You Can Use Your BlackBerry as a Wi-Fi Hotspot With BlackBerry OS 7.1

Looks like RIM’s finally getting with the program and adding Wi-Fi hotspot capability to its phones with a BlackBerry OS 7.1 update. Read More >>

RIM Goes Tag-tastic Over NFC

While phone-based NFC payments aren't something we're likely to get too soon over here in Blighty, even RIM is getting in on the touchless bandwagon with its newly announced NFC-sharing platform, Tag. Read More >>


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