Microsoft Wanted Google to Censor a Wikipedia Page About Microsoft

After asking Google to censor, Microsoft has given Google a copyright takedown request for a Microsoft Wikipedia page. Microsoft must want to scrub all mentions of itself on the Internet or something. It's the only sensible explanation for its vigilance! Read More >>

Microsoft Gave Google a Copyright Takedown Request For

Because every company with even just a three-legged rat in the copyright race basically just shotgun sprays Google for takedown requests these days, Microsoft accidentally but very hilariously asked Google to censor... That's got to be even worse than HBO giving Google a takedown request for VLC. Yeah, it's definitely worse. Read More >>

Google Gets Tonnes of Takedown Requests For Sites That Don't Even Exist Anymore

Rightsholders sure are trigger-happy when it comes to wiping their copyrighted content off the face of the Internet. They're so trigger-happy, in fact, that they're dishing out all kind of takedown requests for links to websites that haven't existed for months. Read More >>


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