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We've Known Texting Was Going to Destroy Conversation for Over a Century

If you've ever thought "man, texting is really ruining verbal communication" stop right now, before you start feeling like you've had an original thought. People were thinking the same thing about the telegraph in 1906. Then again, depending on who you are, maybe it's an improvement. [Kip W via Buzzfeed] Read More >>

Frequent Mobile Phone Users Slobber More

It's always funny—if a little gross—when you see a friend launch a spot of spittle across the room as they chat on the phone. But new research suggests that frequent mobile users actually slobber more, making those discharges all the more common. Read More >>

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Ignore All of Your Friends and Get Away With It

Smartphones are incredible social tools. They give us the power to ignore other people like never before. In fact, not having to ever speak to humans might just be the best part. Here's how to block everyone, every time, without ever facing any consequences. Read More >>

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Don't Talk on Your Phone in Public Ever Again

Guess what: There's no reason to talk on your phone anymore, unless you're at home or in one of a few select emergency exceptions. It's true. Talking on your phone isn't only obsolete, it's extremely annoying. So let's kick the habit together, forever. Read More >>


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