Sky and TalkTalk Battle BT's Fibre Dominance With 1Gb FTTP Wire-up of York

Brave people of York! There is another way! As well as desperately checking your exchange data for news while BT rolls out its fibre broadband, Sky and TalkTalk are joining with CityFibre to bring a rival "ultra-fast" network to the city. Read More >>

Cameron's ISP Porn Filters Backfire, Blocking Safe Sex Education Sites

We never wanted ‘em, but we got ‘em anyway. The roll-out of UK ISP’s government-mandated porn filters is in full swing, with the four major providers switching on their blockers. But, as expected, each has a very unique view of what constitutes “hardcore pornography”. Read More >>

BT Becomes the Most Complained About Broadcaster, Thanks to Broken BT Sport Launch

The arrival of BT Sport and all the hassle it brought with it saw complaints about BT's TV services more than double, as the phone giant made a bit of a mess of its transition to sports broadcaster. Read More >>

TalkTalk's Latest SIM-Only Plan Costs the Same as a Pint

Well, a pint from a Central London boozer anyway. For £3.50 a month on a 12 month contract, TalkTalk Mobile's Small plan will give you 100 minutes talk time, 250 texts and 100MB of data. Double that data allowance if you sign up for it online. In terms of network performance, TalkTalk is using Vodafone's infrastructure, so expect similar coverage for your inebriated mobile rants. Booze-fuelled black spots are your own problem, of course. [TalkTalk] Read More >>

TalkTalk Wants Nanny Ofcom to Put BT on the Naughty Step

Ofcom has agreed to deeply and thoroughly probe BT's business practices, following complaints from TalkTalk that BT's been a naughty boy, charging third-party ISPs more than it should for access to their high-speed fibre-optic network. Read More >>

TalkTalk Squeezes Out Its Own YouView Box

TalkTalk's taken the wraps off its own YouView-powered service. It's got a different Huawei-made box, looks a little different, and packs LoveFilm's pay-per-view and TalkTalk's own TV packages. The rest is just YouView as we've seen before. The box is free with subscription starting at £14.50 a month, plus a £50 installation charge. [The Register] Read More >>

Not Excited About YouView? How About if the Box is Free?

ISP TalkTalk, one of the key backers of the newly launched YouView TV service, has announced its plans to bundle up the potentially useful catch-up terrestrial telly box with its internet bundles, giving the box away for free to some customers. Like it now? Read More >>

ISP Porn Blocks Don't Even Work Properly

Those who rely on TalkTalk's HomeSafe adult material blocking tool to keep the internet's flood of filth from the door are still able to access porn despite the ISP-level block, thanks to Google's image search results pages. Whoops. Read More >>

Your Crappy Broadband Speed Might Actually Be Your Fault After All

Apparently a little bit of home maintenance goes a long way when it comes to broadband speeds. Your dodgy wiring, interference, and even your crummy router might be crippling your broadband by up to 4Mbps. Read More >>

BT and TalkTalk Will Roll Out Their Own YouView Boxes

YouView might have only just gotten into a few select homes, but it's starting to gather a little bit of steam. Both BT and TalkTalk will apparently sell their own branded YouView boxes, meaning YouView should get a big kick in the pants. Read More >>

TalkTalk Joins the Pirate Bay Blockade With a Delightful Message From the BPI

TalkTalk customers have already got a lot to complain about, but the network has just added to them. The thing is, it's not really TalkTalk's fault; a court order sealed TPB's fate, and the network wants you to know that it's all the BPI's fault. Read More >>

TalkTalk's Sharing Customer Data But it Simply Doesn't Care

UK mobile network TalkTalk has been taking a rather odd stance on the security of its customers' data, adopting the standpoint that leaked files aren't its problem if they're on someone else's server. Read More >>

Fancy a Dirt-Cheap New Computer and a Year's Broadband For Just £159 All-In?

In need of a new computer and broadband connection? Can't stomach the hefty prices of fibre? How about the whole lot for just £159 for a year then? That's what Martha Lane Fox's new Get Online @ Home initiative is offering in an attempt to cut the cost of internet access across Britain. Read More >>

TalkTalk Mumbles an Excuse For Misleading Broadband Speedchecker Data

TalkTalk's the latest ISP to get itself in trouble with the Advertising Standards watchdog, after its own speedchecker was found to be exaggerating the download rates users could expect to see if they signed up for a connection. Read More >>

TalkTalk Still Grinds Your Gears the Most

Despite trying to lure you back with 80Mbps broadband on-the-cheap, TalkTalk is still the worst ISP in the UK for complaints according to Ofcom. In fact it’s breaking records for simply being so crap. Read More >>

TalkTalk's Trying to Lure You Back With Cheapish 80Mbps Superfast Fibre Broadband

Following BT’s lead, TalkTalk is rolling out 80Mbps fibre broadband for just £15 extra. That’s £15 on top of line rental, and your existing broadband subscription mind you, so it works out at a minimum of around £31, but promises impressive 20Mbps upload speeds to boot. Read More >>


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