Tweetbot Shows You How to Shame Bottom-Feeding Pirates (Updated)

You're a developer. You work your arse off to make a rock-solid product and charge a modest fee for people to use it, like the awesome Tweetbot for instance. So you're annoyed when people pirate the hell out of it. So, what do you do? Hilarious, forced, self public naming and shaming, of course. Read More >>

TweetBot for Mac: How Can a Twitter Client Possibly Be Worth £14?

TweetBot, the hugely popular iOS Twitter client, finally comes in a finished desktop version available in the Mac App Store for 14 quid. No joke. It appears to be a nicely polished piece of software with some smart features, but is there any way to justify that price when you can just use Twitter's app for free? Read More >>

Do You Have a New MacBook Pro Retina? Do You Use Twitter? Then Get This

If you use Twitter's official Mac app on a MacBook Pro Retina you know that it sucks. It's a piece of unreadable blurry crap that makes me want to punch my computer. Thankfully, Tapbots came to the rescue with a gorgeous, Retina-optimised Twitter client: Tweetbot. Read More >>


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