Can Stun Guns Cause Cardiac Arrest?

Most of us have probably laughed at someone on television getting shocked by a stun gun. They tense up and fall to the ground, seizing like an epileptic. Once the shocking stops, the person gets up, seemingly unharmed. The occasional wet-your-pants complication is classic humour! All joking aside, there have been several reports showing the use of high voltage stun guns, like the Taser, (known in the medical world as electronic control devices, or ECD's) can (rarely) cause cardiac arrest. Read More >>

If You Want to be Immune to Tasers Just Wear Carbon Fibre Clothing

It's no Iron Man suit, but if you've got a knack for civil disobedience and often find yourself on the business end of a Taser, the folks at Hackaday discovered that carbon fibre clothing can actually let you shrug off those electric shocks. Read More >>

This Poor Guy Was Tasered More Than 20 Times By His Coworkers

Bradley Jones is suing his former employers because he was repeatedly tasered on the job, leaving him a broken paranoid mess. Good god, this poor guy. Read More >>

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Haha, Watch a Taser Do Absolutely Nothing to a Candle

I don't know why I enjoy this quick little video so much, but I've watched it over and over. It's probably because anything involving a taser is always hilarious unless you're the person the taser wants to involve. It's probably also because even though a taser can turn a grown man into a baby, it cannot do anything to a candle. I mean nothing. [YouTube via BoingBoing] Read More >>

How to Turn a Drone Into a Vicious Flying Taser of Doom

See those silver stripes around the circumference of this Parrot AR drone? They're not there for decoration or style. They're actually strips of aluminum tape that's wired into a capacitor from a disposable camera's flash. Which means that when—not if—this drone bumps into someone, they're going to get a particularly unpleasant shock as you can see what happened to its creator's arm. Read More >>

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The Most Perfect Tasing You'll See This Week

The would-be female thief in this surveillance video seems like a smooth operator—until she gets zapped with a taser and falls to the ground like a stiff board. We've seen our fair share of tasings, but this is the plantonic ideal of taser drops. Read More >>


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