Wave Goodbye to 99p Downloads as UK Digital Sales Tax Loophole is Closed

Picking up a new eBook or MP3 may be about to get a fair whack more expensive, as Chancellor George Osbourne has moved in his latest budget to close a tax loophole that was allowing digital retailers to pay low foreign VAT rates on eBook, MP3 and app sales. Read More >>

Apple's Dubious Tax Techniques Saw it Move $8.6bn in Aussie Profits to Ireland

Apple's tax avoidance strategies are no longer a secret (and nor are those of its rivals). But it doesn't make them any easier to stomach. It's today been revealed that the company shifted $8.6bn in profits from Australia to the loophole land of Ireland over the past ten years. That's one big suitcase. Read More >>

Cameron May Raise Tax Allowance to £10,500 So You Like Him More

"What a horrible man," people say, unless he hands us all a nice tax break, in which case have all of our votes, Dave. That's how David Cameron thinks you think anyway, with the PM and chum George Osborne said to be planning to announce a significant rise in the basic tax allowance so we forget about the bad things and vote him in again. Read More >>

HMRC Bins Plan to Tax Bitcoin Transactions

The UK may soon emerge as one of the world's bitcoin safe havens, after tax inspector HMRC revealed it's giving up on its plan to add 20 per cent VAT to transactions made in the virtual money. Read More >>

The Design of Abba's Clothing Was Actually a Form of Tax Evasion

The design of disco supergroup Abba's stagewear was not just influenced by the sequinned needs of being a dancing queen; the design of their clothes was also a form of tax evasion. Read More >>

David Cameron Shamed Over Expenses Claim for 26p Tags and 38p Staple Remover

Powerful posho David Cameron's latest batch of MP expense claims have been published and scrutinised, revealing that the prime minister reclaimed a ludicrous 7p from the taxpayer to pay for a bulldog clip used to hold together files at his constituency office. Read More >>

Goldfish Death and Volcano Obsession Blamed for Late Tax Returns

In case you needed reminding, it's nearly tax return deadline day. And to get the nation in the mood for the tedious act of working out how much money to willingly give the government, HMRC has released its ten stupidest reasons for late tax returns. Even the government is doing list features these days. Read More >>

UK's Iconic Car Tax Disc to be Binned From 2014

Those famous bits of paper and their magical plastic holders are soon to disappear from cars in the UK, with Chancellor George Osborne announcing that the DVLA will soon begin to rely entirely upon its digital register to see if drivers have paid their dues. Read More >>

Ireland Wants to Close Super-Corporation Tax Loophole, as Exploited by Apple

Apple's tax affairs might be about to get a little more complicated, thanks to the Irish government attempting to shut one of the more common tax avoidance schemes used by wealthy companies. Read More >>

Google UK in Alleged Tax Shenanigans Again With Lowly £12m Payment for 2012

Google UK might be about to cause more controversy for itself over its latest tax declarations, which show it paid just £11.6m in corporation tax last year despite declared UK earnings of £506m -- and unofficial sales estimates claiming it may have raked in over £3bn here. Read More >>

3d printing
Europe Gone Mad: Printer Companies Will Be Forced to Pay Copyright Holders Because of Possible Piracy

I'm not normally one for hyperbole when it comes to Europe, but this is just plain insane. The European Court of Justice has just ruled that printer companies will have to pay levies to copyright holders because you, the user, could print out something copyrighted without permission. What the actual hell? Read More >>

Starbucks Tries to Buy Us Off With £5 Million in Tax

For the last five years, Starbucks, just like other tax dodgers, hasn't paid any corporation tax in the UK. Despite claiming it still doesn't need to -- because it operates at a loss in Blighty apparently -- it's trying to buy you and the government off with a £5m tax donation. Read More >>

Apple is the Tax-Avoiding Bad Boy of America, Thanks to "Complex Web" of Offshore Accounts

While we're angry about Amazon, Starbucks, Google and more for appearing to dodge their UK tax responsibilities, US tax authorities have themselves an even bigger target, with Apple branded one of "America's largest tax avoiders." Read More >>

Google Supergrass Has "Proof" of Company's Dodgy Irish Tax Avoidance Schemes

A former Google UK salesman claims to have a massive stash of around 100,000 emails sent and received during his time at the company, which supposedly prove the tech giant has been fiddling its tax returns to artificially lower its stated UK earnings. Read More >>

New Outrage as Amazon Pays £3.2m Tax While Taking £2.5m in Government Grants

New research into the possibly shady world of Amazon UK and its accountant friends in Luxembourg has emerged, with the company paying just £3.2m in corporation tax in the UK last year -- a figure made all the more laughable by the fact it claimed £2.5m in government grants. It's the world's biggest benefit claimant. Read More >>

France Considers Phone and Tablet Tax to Force Funding of the Arts

France may introduce a one per cent sales tax on all smartphones and tablets sold in the country, with the money raised funnelled off into an arts fund to back the supposedly more intellectual pursuits of film, art and music. Read More >>


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