UK's Iconic Car Tax Disc to be Binned From 2014

Those famous bits of paper and their magical plastic holders are soon to disappear from cars in the UK, with Chancellor George Osborne announcing that the DVLA will soon begin to rely entirely upon its digital register to see if drivers have paid their dues. Read More >>

Apparently the Government Spends £6,000 a Year Per Machine Maintaining Crappy Old PCs

No wonder the country's in a black hole of debt when we're forking out six-freaking grand a year PER MACHINE just to maintain them. You could buy a monster gaming PC for every computer user in the government for that little lot, and still have change enough for Photoshop. Most of them are still running XP too. It's ridiculous. Read More >>

Google Supergrass Has "Proof" of Company's Dodgy Irish Tax Avoidance Schemes

A former Google UK salesman claims to have a massive stash of around 100,000 emails sent and received during his time at the company, which supposedly prove the tech giant has been fiddling its tax returns to artificially lower its stated UK earnings. Read More >>

France Considers Phone and Tablet Tax to Force Funding of the Arts

France may introduce a one per cent sales tax on all smartphones and tablets sold in the country, with the money raised funnelled off into an arts fund to back the supposedly more intellectual pursuits of film, art and music. Read More >>

Microsoft Might Owe Denmark More Than £670 Million in Unpaid Tax

A new report by Denmark's national broadcasting corporation, DR, suggests that Microsoft owes the country over £670 million in unpaid tax. Read More >>

Twitter Should Really Get Its UK House In Order

After being fined for submitting its own UK tax records late, Twitter's TweetDeck subsidiary is facing being "struck off" the UK business register for continually failing to file its tax return. It has 99 days to avoid being "dissolved" by Companies House. Read More >>

eBay Joins Growing List of Shamed UK Tech Tax Dodgers

Auction site eBay has joined the likes of Facebook, Vodafone and Apple on the list of dodgy tax avoiders, with reports claiming the retailer paid just £1.2m of tax on its massive £800m of UK sales. Read More >>

Kogan Introduces Internet Explorer 7 Tax to Help Boot Out the Awful Old Browser

Online gadget specialist Kogan has come up with a fantastically clever way of helping obliterate older versions of Internet Explorer from the world, by introducing a tax on those who use the clunky old browser to buy stuff from its shop. Read More >>

Sneaky Tax Tactics Save Apple Billions of Dollars

The NY Times is reporting that by routing huge amounts of income through low-tax places like Nevada, Ireland, Luxembourg, and the British Virgin Islands, Apple probably avoided paying $2.4 billion dollars in US taxes last year alone. That's billion, with a B -- around £1.47 billion over here. Read More >>

British Success Story Raspberry Pi -- Made in Taiwan and China

The British maker of the cheap and exciting Raspberry Pi micro-microcomputer has launched a pretty aggressive attack on the UK, pointing out that odd tax laws make assembling things here more expensive than buying them in ready-made from overseas manufacturers. Read More >>

MPs Fighting Mobile Networks' "Rip-Off" Stolen Phone Call Charges

A group of MPs are trying to do victims of stolen phones a favour, by forcing the networks to reduce the amounts they charge for calls made on stolen phones. Read More >>


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