Don't Crack That Shiny New HTC One M8 Screen as it's a Pain to Fix

The HTC One M8 may well be HTC's best-ever smartphone, but you'd better keep it cocooned in bubble wrap -- the latest teardown from the iFixit team shows that the new flagship Android device will be incredibly difficult to carry out DIY repairs on. Read More >>

Mac Pro Teardown: An Apple Rig You Can Actually Tinker With

It looks like a waste paper bin, costs a fortune and is, perhaps, the best workstation you've ever owned. But what lurks beneath that shiny black shell? Read More >>

iPhone A7 Chip Teardown: Power-Dense Samsung Silicon

We've already seen inside the iPhone 5S and found out that its guts are blisteringly fast—but now iFixit has taken a very close look indeed at the A7 silicon that powers the new phone. Read More >>

The iPhone 5S and 5C Teardown

The ace team at iFixit has gutted the iPhone 5S and 5C, as only they can, to see what's new inside these latest telephones. What's the fingerprint scanner look like on the inside of the 5S? What about all those fancy new chips? And how's that goldpagne? What, exactly, lurks beneath that colourful 5C plastic shell? Read More >>

Moto X Teardown: So This Is What Made in the USA Looks Like

If you're curious as to what the lovely Moto X looks like on the inside, the surgical team at iFixit has exposed its designed and assembled in the USA innards for all to see. Apparently, you can see right through the woven black case on the Moto X. iFixit also found some other unique choices inside the Moto X too: the camera flash is its own assembly, the vibrator motor is soldered onto the motherboard and what they call the most modular headphone jack iFixit has ever seen. Oh and there's a whole glob of glue too. Read More >>

Google Nexus 7 Teardown: Hey That's an Inductive Charging Coil

The ace team at iFixit has given the ol' teardown to the new Google Nexus 7 and they've discovered that the rear case is very easy to open, that it's taller, narrower and thinner and that there's an... inductive charging coil (the first iFixit has seen in a tablet). The battery inside the new Nexus 7 is slightly smaller too even though it's gained an hour of battery life (3950mAh vs the old 4326mAh). Read More >>

The New Old Xbox 360's Guts Shows What's Old Is New Again

The new old, curiously botoxed Xbox 360 was announced at E3 to a crowd of shrugs. Why add makeup and eyeliner to a walking zombie? Whatever. The ace surgical team at iFixit got their hands on the new old Xbox 360 to see if anything changed inside. Here are the guts. Read More >>

Airport Extreme Teardown: Hack This Router With Your Own Hard Drive

Apple announced a new Airport Extreme earlier this week, and iFixit has already torn it apart. The good news? It's a hacker's dream. Read More >>

What's Inside an £8 Phone

Chance are you've owned a "free" phone at some point or another, a beater that cost zero-down with your contract. That's still nothing compared to this £8 off-contract phone pickup from the Mingtong Digital Mall. But what is in one of those? Not much. Read More >>

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Sony Takes a Knife and Spludger to Its Own Xperia Tablet Z to Show You What's Inside Its Skinny Self

There's nothing quite like a good, sordid gadget teardown, especially on video, to get the gadget-lust pumping. Sony obviously realises that too, as it keeps taking its own stuff apart to show you their slimline innards. The Xperia Tablet Z, might not be in our hands yet, but at least you know what its made from now. Man that thing is so damn thin. [Sony] Read More >>

Here Are the Samsung Galaxy S IV's Guts

Samsung is just about to announce the Galaxy S IV but the same Chinese site who showed us in clear detail what the S IV will look like has decided to pry open the giant superphone and expose its innards. We spy an 8-core processor, 13 megapixel camera and motion detector too. Read More >>

There's Not Actually a Heck of a Lot Inside a Pebble Smartwatch (Updated)

The teardown kings over at iFixit have torn asunder the treasured Pebble Smartwatch and found, well, not a lot actually. Just a single board, battery, and screen, and no Bluetooth 4.0 either maybe? Oh, and don't even think of trying to repair this thing. It's just not going to happen, apparently. Read More >>

The ABCs of a Camera's Guts

What's lovely about this alphabet made from camera parts by London graphic design student Stefan Abrahams, is that it organises a camera's beautiful internals as carefully as one should frame a picture. Each letter has a camera part, you can see the viewfinder as 'D' and the shutter curtain as 'R'. Read More >>

The Most and Least Repairable Tablets on the Market

The world is awash with tablets, but if you're a nerd who likes to tinker, it's important that you buy one that isn't too tricky to take apart, repair and upgrade. Fortunately, iFixit has released a list which ranks tablets according to their repairability. Read More >>

Surface Pro Teardown: Don't Dream of Taking This Thing Apart

Microsoft's Surface Pro may only have been released last week in the US, but iFixit has already torn it apart. Perhaps unsurprisingly, you don't wanna think about repairing or upgrading this thing, period. Read More >>


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