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The Onion's TED-style Mock App Pitch is Perfect

The Onion's TED talk parodies return with the reveal of a remarkable new app called PicSong that turns your countless photos into music—for anyone who might want to do that for some reason. Read More >>

Entreprenough: How I Overdosed on TED Talks

"So if a 15-year-old who didn't even know what a pancreas was could find a new way to detect pancreatic cancer, just imagine what you could do." "Damnit! Fifteen? Of course he gets a standing ovation. I'd stand up too if I were there. Man, what am I doing with my time? I feel fat. Ugh...I'm going to tweet him." Read More >>

A Crash Course in How Genomes are Sequenced

Everyone's heard of DNA, genetics and genome sequencing, but you might not actually know exactly how scientists go about making it all happen. This TED Ed video explains, nicely and simply, how it works. Read More >>

What TED Talks Will Be Like When the Zombie Apocalypse Arrives

"In the wake of the zombie apocalypse, innovative ideas have become more important than ever. Watch and take note on how to survive the 'human apocalypse' in a special DED Talk presented by a zombie who has seen it all." Read More >>

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Watch a Man Disappear Before Your Eyes

Chinese artist Liu Bolin does a wonderful job of hiding himself in all kinds of locations, but this video reveals exactly how he does it. Read More >>

The Onion Explains Social Media More Accurately Than Anyone Has Before

The Onion's TED parody series rolls on, with what may be the best—and most scathing—round yet. The target this time? Social media, a joyous place where ideas are a waste of time, and talent is irrelevant. Read More >>

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The Onion's First TED Talk Parody Is Freaking Hilarious (Because It Seems So Real)

Wouldn't it be great if we could run cars off compost? That's not the topic of a TED Talk, but, sadly, that small nugget of an idea is all you would need to be granted the freedom to pontificate before an audience of naive dreamers at a hokey conference. This is actually The Onion's first TED Talk parody. And it's incredible. The best line? "I'll be your visionary, and you do the things I come up with." Read More >>

The Onion's TED Talks Parodies: Way Smarter Than the Real Thing

TED Talks! What was once a proud educational lecture series long ago descended into a smug parade of increasingly ridiculous ideas. They've never been more ripe for skewering. Thank goodness The Onion noticed. Read More >>

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The One Place That Needs More Censorship

This week's Internet-based teapot tempest swirled around the venerable TED talks, which were accused by one presenter of censoring his talk because he spoke truth to power and talked about income inequality. Read More >>

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How To Thoroughly Dry Your Hands With Just One Piece of Paper Towel

You don't always walk away from a TED Talk feeling like you've learned something useful, but this time you will. Joe Smith presents a simple but incredibly useful technique that guarantees you can dry your hands using just a single square of paper towel. Read More >>

Faking a Giant Dance Troupe Is Easy With a 60-Foot Kaleidoscope

So what do you do when you need to shoot a giant perfectly-choreographed dance troupe performing when you only have a handful of dancers? Well that's easy. You just construct a gigantic sixty-foot tall kaleidoscope and have them perform right beneath its lens. Read More >>

When Spinning Beach Balls of Death Attack in Real Life

Improv Everywhere! They're the best. Especially when they pull off large-scale pranks at events used to a certain degree of solemnity and self-importance. Like, say, TED. Read More >>

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Watch This Hilarious, Yet Absolutely Amazing Video of Flying Robots Playing the James Bond Theme Tune

When I think of flying robots, music doesn’t spring forth into my mind – it’s more rise-of-the-machines-type stuff sadly. Then again I don’t work in a robotics lab at the University of Pennsylvania – but I wish I did. The classic theme tune re-imagined is simply awesome. Read More >>


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