Selfies Could be Causing a Proliferation of Head Lice in Teens

Selfies are so fun. You've got your cool background—ideally, a sun-soaked beach or a compelling urban environment—and you've got your cool friends. Ideally lots of them. Just flip that phone around, put your heads together, smile, and watch those Instagram likes roll in for hours. But it's too good to be true, folks. Read More >>

13 Teens Bitching About Teens Bitching About Christmas Gadgets

Christmas time has come and gone, and it brought its fair share of iPhones and Xboxes and PS4s and MacBooks and gadgets galore. Of course, also some spoiled teens who weren't too happy about the (awesome) stuff they got: Read More >>

I Was a Teenage Hacker

Twenty-four years ago today, I had a very bad day. Read More >>

Habbo Empire Close to Collapse, as Backers and Shops Pull Support Over Underage Sex Chat Shock

Channel 4's news team has smashed a huge hole in the wall of online kiddy chat room Habbo Hotel, unearthing a sadly predictable mess of predatory paedos hanging around within its cartoony halls. It's enough to see financial backers and high street shops drop the Habbo brand in a flash. Read More >>

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The Rainbow Spew Experiment: Vomit Has Never Looked So Pretty

There's no telling whether this is the result of one bored teen's epiphany, or whether rainbow spew parties will join spin-the-bottle and pog-swaps in the lineage of teen group fads. Read More >>

Teens May Not Be as Tin-Eared as We Previously Thought

Conventional wisdom dictates that people, especially the younger ones, have ruined their appreciation for the deep, rich, crisp sound that previous generations of music fans saw as the holy grail. However, conventional wisdom isn't always wise. Read More >>

Are Kids Really Using These New Ridiculous Sexting Phrases?

I love it when old people try to understand the inner workings of the teenage brain. Like if they think hard enough they'll figure out why little Amanda sneaks out at night. Please. Kids are kids! So parents, just understand that you'll never understand the advanced and possibly unreal sexting terminology of your kids. Read More >>


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