Inside Jim Henson's Creature Shop: The Intersection of Gadgets and Dreams

It's not often that you get a chance to see the place where your childhood memories were literally built. It's kind of like peeling back the curtain on your dreams and finding the architects of them busily at work, pulling the strings, painting the scenery, and creating the characters you will vividly remember decades later. That's what it's like to visit Jim Henson's Creature Shop. Read More >>

How Much Better is House of Cards in 4K?

Netflix announced at CES that it would begin shooting original series in ultra high-def 4K, and now British site HDTVtest has caught the first glimpse of the streaming giant's 4K content in the wild. How much more evil does Kevin Spacey look? Read More >>

Amazon Fire TV Hands On: The Fastest Smart TV You've Ever Met

Amazon pitched its Fire TV as a streaming device to end all streaming devices. The company touted its simple and effective search, and its open ecosystem boasting enough apps to burn your eyes out. We spent some time messing with the Fire TV and found that for the most part, it makes good on those promises. Read More >>

Save Money on Apple TV With Your "Just £67.99" Deal of the Day

With all these wonderful new entertainment conduits on the market, the thing we should all be investing in is a suave sofa to house our buttocks. Seriously. The way things are going, if someone invents a stylish commode, we'll never have to stand up ever again. That's obviously a wonderful thing. Read More >>

The Fargo TV Show Looks Eerily Beautiful

If the first bunch of teaser trailers are anything to go by, the forthcoming Fargo TV show looks as though it'll be a treat for the eyes. I remember little these days about the original film: do you remember it looking this stunning? Read More >>

Hands-On With the Brand New BBC iPlayer

A catch-up services innovator since first launching back in 2007, the BBC today revealed a brand new design for its industry-leading iPlayer streaming platform. Rolling out to mobile and desktop browsers today, I've spent some time playing with the new-look iPlayer in a desktop browser, and while its changes are subtle, they're all welcome. Read More >>

Dear BBC, Please Don't Take My BBC4 Away From Me

Last night was one of the rare occasions when I got home from work at a reasonable time, didn't have any writing assignments to be getting on with and didn't have any beer to drink. Socially, of course. I got to watch some TV for the first time in weeks. The first channel I always look to? BBC4. Read More >>

Could the BBC be About to Axe BBC3 or BBC4?

The BBC has come under fire in recent years for its spiralling costs, and Director General Tony Hall may be forced to take drastic measures in order to find another £100m for its proposed £700m cuts programme. Youth-orientated BBC3 and arts and education-focussed BBC4 are both facing the chop. If one has to go, which would you save? [Daily Mail] Read More >>

6 Incredibly Accurate Predictions About TV From 1989

It's easy to laugh at futurist predictions. But when they're proven accurate, it's hard not to be impressed. Especially when it comes to technology that we now use every day. Read More >>

Here's Peter Capaldi's New Doctor Who Costume

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I don't really care about Doctor Who. But even my interest was piqued when it was announced that Peter "Malcolm Tucker" Capaldi was going to be the new Time Lord. And now, we've got a glimpse of the pockets he'll be storing his sonic screwdriver in. Read More >>

Report: Amazon Might Create an Online TV Service (Updated)

The next company in a seemingly never-ending deluge of company working on some kind of online TV streaming service? It's Amazon, according to a WSJ report. Read More >>

Sharp 8K Glasses-Free 3D Eyes-On: Future is Hard

Sharp has been showing off an 85 inch 8K TV for years, and now the company is taking absurdly high resolution to an ambitious new level with a prototype of an 85 inch 8K TV with Dolby glasses free 3D. That's a lot of unproven tech in one concept. Read More >>

Sharp's New Quattron Plus TV Isn't 4K, But it Can Fake It

4K is great, but it's also expensive. Getting cheaper, but still a pretty penny. Sharp's new Aquos Quattron Plus is another option: a super high resolution HD TV that's not quite 4K, but that can play 4K content. It's a Faux-K TV. Read More >>

Dolby Vision Will Make Sure Your TV's Colours and Brightness are Right

From your home theater to the cineplex, Dolby has long been the industry standard for serious digital sound. If you're not using Dolby's proprietary tech, you're playing games. With Dolby Vision tech, the company wants to make movies on your TV look as good as it makes them sound on your surround sound system. Read More >>

The Top 10 Pirated TV Shows of 2013

Another year comes to a close, and another year of gratuitous television show pirating is in the bag. Who wins the award for the most illicit views? According to numbers from TorrentFreak Game of Thrones keeps the crown for the second year in a row by a hefty margin. At 5,900,000 downloads, it beats (fantastic) runner up Breaking Bad by almost 2 mil. Read More >>

This is What 400,000 Hours of U.S. International TV News Looks Like

Ever wonder what places get the most attention in American news? The answer is more striking than you might think. This geography of U.S. attention is beautifully illustrated in a new animation that maps the geographic subjects of U.S. television news broadcasts over the span of four-years. It's kinda sparkly. Read More >>


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