Samsung's Pushing OLED to UHD Extremes For the First Time Ever

Forget ordinary everyday LCD UHD TVs -- what you want is an eye-poppingly gorgeous OLED UHD TV, and Samsung's just managed to make the first one in the world. It'll probably be the most gorgeous-looking TV you'll ever see. Read More >>

LG Made a Retro Wood Panelled LED TV with Knobs and Everything

As companies like Apple and Samsung are heralding the end of the button, LG is taking its design in a different direction. This new 'Classic TV' features a wood panelled front complete with tuning knobs and buttons to create what LG describes as a "classic Scandinavian style design that emphasizes simplicity, modernity." Read More >>

LG Laser TV Hands On: Your Wall's Not Worthy

With a massive Hecto-class 100-inch display, crystalline 1080p output, and Methuselan 25,000 hour bulb life, LG's sleek new Laser TV short throw projector gives us a lot to be excited about. It's a big, beautiful display, no two ways about it. Read More >>

LG Bringing its 4K TV Power to the UK

LG's sent us a press release packed with capital letters, informing us that its ULTRA HD NANO FULL LED Tru-ULTRA HD IPS TV sets will be hitting the UK. That's 4K resolution packed into in 55-inch and 65-inch models, in normal, lower-case speak. Read More >>

We've Grappled With Televised Death Since The First TV Suicide in 1938

The family of an American man who committed suicide this past September has filed a lawsuit against Fox News over the live broadcast of the event. Understandably, the family says that they suffered emotional distress after the broadcast, which was seen on TV sets and computer screens all over the world. Anchor Shepard Smith apologised immediately after airing the suicide, but a debate about the disturbing voyeurism of televised police chases ensued. Read More >>

Over In the US, ESPN Is Killing 3D Broadcasts By the End of the Year

ESPN will kill 3D TV by the end of the year. We reached out to ESPN, and the company confirmed the report citing lackluster adoption of the technology. This is huge news considering the mammoth investment that TV manufacturers and broadcasters have made to try to bolster the tech. Read More >>

LG's Curved OLED TVs Are Actually Going on Sale

When LG showed off the first curved 3D OLED screen at CES earlier this year, it was sure exciting — but seemed unrealistic as a commercial venture. Now, though, LG has announced that it's planning to sell the curvy TV. Read More >>

Seiki 50-Inch 4K TV Eyes-On: How the Hell Is a TV This Beautiful So Cheap?

Yesterday, Chinese OEM Seiki officially priced its 50-inch Ultra HD TV at under a grand, making it the cheapest 4K television in the history of the absurd resolution. Cheaper even, than the last round of super-cheap Chinese 4Ks we saw. The price is so cheap, and the brand-name is so unfamiliar, that you had to wonder if this television was a joke — or worse — a piece of garbage. I'm one of the first people in America to see this beast, and I'll tell you right now: I can't believe my eyes. Read More >>

Wow, You Can Actually Afford This £900 50-inch 4K LED HDTV

4K TVs are visual deliciousness in a box but are a little (to put it lightly) out of reach for peasants like us as they come with a price tag either equal to the cost of a car, or are only considered cheap because they're graciously not priced like a car. Eyegasms ain't cheap friends. But one company whose name I'm not even sure how to pronounce is trying to change the whole damn game. SEIKI has a 50-inch 4K TV for only £900. Yeah. Read More >>

Sony's 4K TVs Will Be Surprisingly Affordable—in That They Cost Less than a Car

The £25,000 price tag attached to Sony's 84-inch UltraHD set — the one that's been haunting your dreams since CES — may put that super-sized set out of your financial reach but that doesn't mean everything 4K is prohibitively expensive. In fact, Sony's new 55- and 65-inch sets are downright inexpensive (by comparison) and will be available for pre-order by the end of the month. Read More >>

See You In 20 Years' Time, 3D

It’s not too often that I make a tech prediction that actually comes true, although like many people, I prefer to think I’m better at it than I really am. Still, when one does come out as I foretold I am not immune to rubbing my hands with glee and smiling with a cheeky grin, which is exactly what happened with the recent demise of 3D television. Read More >>

JVC Finds a Clever Shortcut To an 8K Projector

Given 4K TVs and cameras are only just starting to hit the market, there's not a lot of 8K components to be had just yet. But that isn't stopping JVC from rolling out one of the first 8K projectors, that's actually built on 4K technology. Read More >>

Philips' Stunning New TV Looks More Like a Work of Art Than a Screen

Lots of TV manufacturers have aimed for the high design end of the market, but none have really looked any good. Philips is trying to buck that trend with its new DesignLine TV, which looks more like a slab of glass artwork than a screen to watch the likes of Iron Man on. Read More >>

LG's Monster 55" OLED TV Priced at £9,999.99 for the UK

If you want the biggest, bestest, thinnest and most expensive-est television in the land, you have until July to organise your funds. That's when LG is launching its 55EM970V over here, with the 55" OLED set now available for pre-order at, appropriately given its £10k price and luxurious nature, Harrods. Read More >>

LG Shows Off Wireless 4K Streaming, From Phone to TV

LG has been showing off the first example of wireless Ultra HD steaming at MWC: it can take video from a phone, playing at 1080p, upscale it on the fly, and show it off at 4K on a TV. Read More >>

4K Displays Are Going to Rock Your World, But 4K Phones Are Just Stupid

The big story of CES 2013 was, undoubtedly, 4K TVs. But, some reckon that 4K is just a gimmick, nothing more than the latest buzzword that companies bandy around to over-compensate. That's wrong. 4K is here to stay, and in more than just TVs -- but it's not perfect yet. Read More >>


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