Is There Something Everyone Loves That You Secretly Hate?

The masses of the tech world will, more often than not, refuse to agree on anything. But there are still those few bits of magic that mysteriously and periodically bring joy to almost every single disgruntled cynic out there. Everyone, that is, except you. Read More >>

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Temple Run 2 Now Free on Android Too

Want to see what iOS users have been shouting from the rooftops about? Which clocked up 20 million downloads in just four days? Well now you can, because Temple Run 2 is finally now availble on Google Play, and for absolutely free too. Download it, right this second. [Google Play] Read More >>

Bored This Afternoon? Go Download Temple Run 2 Right Now

Meh, it's Thursday afternoon. It's not like you're going to actually do any work, right? Because you have to download Temple Run 2, the sequel to the ridiculously popular running-away-from-a-monkey game, for your iPhone right now and get to playing. Read More >>

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Temple Run for iPhone and iPad: Throw Us the Touchscreen, and We Throw You the Whip

The New Year festivities are receding into memory, but the hangover still lingers. Without a big new release on the App Store to dispel the fog, let's revisit one of the brighter spots of 2011 – Temple Run. Inspired by the idol sequence from Raiders of the Lost Ark, this is an endless running game with oodles of humour and style, and it's completely free. Read More >>


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