Did You Watch Murray Beat Djokovic In 3D?

Given that the BBC's about to can 3D for good at least three years, the Wimbledon Men's final was probably the last live 3D broadcast you'll ever see out of the Beeb. So, did you watch it in all its stereoscopic glory? Read More >>

YouTube Muscling in on the BBC's Manicured Turf With Live Wimbledon Portal

While there's never going to be any topping of the BBC's Wimbledon coverage, people unable to access iPlayer or the BBC's numerous streaming apps can turn to YouTube, which is offering live matches, player interviews, backstage features and more through its bespoke Wimbledon portal. Bring back Des Lynham to present it and we might be tempted. [YouTube] Read More >>

Every Point of a Tennis Match, Visualised in 3D

Here’s something cool. A studio called JWT Spain made a 3D app that tracks the trajectories of every ball hit in a tennis match in real time, and then spits out fancy visualisations. Read More >>

BBC and Sony Providing Wimbledon 2013 Gusset Shots at 4K Resolution

You'll be able to scrutinise Andy Murray's face for signs of emotion better than ever this summer, thanks to Sony and the BBC coming together to film and broadcast some test matches at the stonkingly high 4K resolution. Read More >>

Graphene's Newest Trick Is Improving Your Tennis Game

Graphene is a real-life miracle material. It's the strongest known material in the world, is going to bring us bendable batteries, and can even make salt water drinkable. So what's next? Tennis racquets. Read More >>

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Slow-Motion Flaming Tennis Should Be an Official Olympic Sport

It looks like the usual tennis superstars are going to walk away with all the medals at this year's Olympic games—yawn. So to make it more interesting and unpredictable four years from now, perhaps the organisers of the Rio games should consider adding flaming tennis balls into the mix, and filming everything in super slow motion. Read More >>

Lolympics: Day 0

It's OC-day, that's the first official day of the London 2012 Olympic Games marked by the Opening Ceremony. That kicks off tonight, and is bound to be a wondrous occassion, filled with British pride and spectacular choreography, if everyone can get there that is. It's not quite as hot, so maybe the trains will be able to stop this time around, as long as the drivers aren't necking performance-enhancing beer that is. Read More >>

Do You Record TV Sporting Events?

Growing up, the summer tennis season was always my favourite. Beginning with the French Open, and culminating with the U.S. Open, I spent many a lazy summer day watching the likes of Pete Sampras and Roger Federer demolish opponent after opponent. As as "adult," being in the office every day makes that less of a reality for me, so I end up watching almost no tennis at all. Case in point: I missed Federer's win over Andy Murray yesterday afternoon. Read More >>

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Wimbledon: Watch Federer Take on Nadal on Your Android Phone

As much as you might want to, you can't sit around all day in the middle of the week and just watch sports. The beauty of smartphones is that you can follow your favourite events on the sly, because every major competition generally has an app to go along with it. Wimbledon, which kicked off on Monday, is no exception. Read More >>

A Bunch of Wimbledon Centre Court Tickets Is Your "Screw Football, I'm Going to Watch a Proper Sport" Deal of the Day

Only hours ago, England tumbled out of Euro 2012 after almost getting close enough to actually matter a bit. Today, with the beginning of Wimbledon, it's Andy Murray's turn to be the nation's loveable failure. Read More >>

Sensor-Laden Smart Rackets Could One Day Replace Tennis Coaches

Babolat, a French company that has been making tennis gear since 1875, has recently unveiled a high-tech racket that could revolutionise training. Called the Play & Connect, the racket is packed with sensors analysing every aspect of a player's swing and performance. Read More >>

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10 New Lives for Dead Tennis Balls—None of Which Involve Tennis

Old tennis balls may not be able to bounce around the court, but they can be incredibly handy around the house. Here are eleven second acts for the Wilsons. Just give the balls a chance. Read More >>


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