Abu Dhabi's New Airport Terminal Will Be Bigger Than the Pentagon

A new airport terminal is taking shape in Abu Dhabi, where roughly 12,000 construction workers are on site daily to finish the massive structure, whose floor area will outsize the Pentagon's. According to UAE paper The National, it will take 84,000 tons of steel to build the structure's dramatic arches, designed by New York based KPF. Read More >>

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How to Turn Your Shell-Prompt Into a Hamburger

Shell prompts are, by definition, pretty dull. So, if you spend a lot of time looking at one, why not make it more fun by... replacing it with a hamburger! Read More >>

Play Nyancat On Your Terminal Just Because You Can

My nerd dream came true: 1) Open your Terminal in Mac OS X or Windows or Linux or whatever the hell you are running your toaster on. 2) Type telnet 3. Enjoy an endless nyancat loop in glorious ASCII. Read More >>


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