Silk Road 2 Caught in Dodgy Dealing of... Tesco Vouchers?

When you hear of Silk Road, your mind probably jumps to things like drug trading and other nefarious criminal activity. But until very recently, it appeared that the most popular items on the resurrected Silk Road were not drugs or guns...they were Tesco Clubcard vouchers. Read More >>

Tesco's Hudl Now Comes With a Smartphone in New Bundle

The Tesco Hudl took us all by surprise when it turned out to be actually rather good despite its budget price tag. And it's now being offered alongside one of a range of smartphones as part of a bundle, as Tesco Mobile looks to entice more customers to its network. Read More >>

Tesco's "Click and Collect" Service is Now at Work at Rayners Lane Tube Station

If your commute takes you past Rayners Lane tube station in London, from today you'll be able to pick up your groceries from the stop, as well as sort out tickets and Oyster cards. Tesco has opened its first "Click and Collect" point at the station, one of six planned for the tube network, letting shoppers order groceries online and pick them up from a refrigerated van at the station from 12-3pm and 5-8pm daily. [Standard] Read More >>

2,000 Accounts Have Been Hacked and Deactivated

Hackers have breached the online accounts of customers of supermarket chain Tesco, leading the company to temporarily suspend around 2,000 accounts. Read More >>

Woman Rides Horse into Tesco as Neknominate Trend Hits the Mainstream

The dumb neknominate trend continues to spread across the planet like an unwanted idiot-zombie invasion, with a woman from Bishop Auckland managing to out-do her local clown competition by riding a horse into Tesco to impress internet drunks. She only necked a Pepsi, though, so wasn't drink-riding. Read More >>

Tesco Mobile to Offer "Free" 4G Mobile Data

Super-fast mobile broadband will be available at no extra cost to Tesco Mobile users today, as the supermarket's mobile spin-off follows in the footsteps of Three UK and its own "free" 4G offerings. Read More >>

Lidl Replacing Checkout Counter Sweets With Dreaded Oatcakes

Hold out a Double Decker in front of me and a bag of dried fruit, and I'll eat the chocolate and the hand that was holding it over the withered, mummified berries every time. Lidl, what have you done? Read More >>

Tesco's Big Tech Sale is Your Support-Big-Chains-For-a-Change Deal of the Day

Tesco may not win any popularity contests, what with them being so omnipresent, but you'd be certifiably mental not to exploit them when they're flogging loads of cheapo items for your enjoyment. Their self-service tills may be the single biggest evil in modern Britain, but they sure know how to prise open our purses. Read More >>

Tesco Hudl 2 Incoming as Demand for Original Outweighs Supplies

Tesco's Hudl tablet was a welcome surprise when it launched back in October, being the first own-brand tablet from a UK retailer to not totally suck balls. Cheap as chips, it's proving popular among shoppers too, and Tesco is looking to swiftly capitalise on its success with the Hudl 2. Read More >>

Man Investigated by Police After Tesco Sold Him a Clay iPad

Poor old Colin Marsh blew £470 on an iPad from Tesco as a treat for his two daughters, and was understandably disappointed when he got it home and discovered the box was filled with three lumps of clay instead. That's even less useful than a BlackBerry PlayBook. Read More >>

Face-Scanning Cameras Coming to Tesco Petrol Stations to Show You Even More Lovely Adverts

Tesco is reported to have signed a deal to install a face-scanning camera technology in all of its 450 UK petrol stations, which will be used to ID customers and suggest relevant adverts -- like which brand of massive chocolate bar they might like to impulsively add to their petrol bill. Read More >>

So How Much Of Your Food Goes In the Bin?

For the first time in its history, Tesco has revealed its food waste figures -- and they're pretty stunning. According to them, around £700's worth of food is wasted by families every year -- which, given that the average family food budget is around three grand, sounds shockingly high to me. What do you reckon? Read More >>

Grab a Tesco Hudl Tablet; Get Free Tesco Broadband For a Year

Tesco's Hudl tablet is already a proper bargain, packing in a solid quad-core processor among other better-than-average specs for just £119. And now the supermarket chain is looking to sweeten the deal further, offering a year's worth of its broadband service absolutely free with every Hudl tablet bought. Read More >>

Tesco Ditching Baked Beans and Ready Meals From its "Finest" Range to Please the UK's Foodies

Tesco's about to re-jig the products it sells under its Finest brand, binning the baked beans and salty meats of uncertain origin and replacing them with more locally-sourced foods of which the "provenance" in provable. So there shouldn't be any grey EU chicken in the fish fingers. Read More >>

lightning review
Tesco Hudl Review: Super Value Own-Brand Android

Tesco's Hudl tablet is, at the time of writing, considered quite cheap. Android tablet hardware has plummeted in price so quickly and to such an extent that it's possible to buy a fairly high-spec piece of kit like this for just £119, a cost that has owners of expensive, rival brand tabs scoffing with derision. It can't be a proper thing, can it? Not for that kind of price? Read More >>

Asda's Mental Patient Costume and Tesco's Gay Best Friend Inflatable: Harmless Fun or Hateful Hype?

Yesterday, supermarket giant Asda came under fire from mental health groups when it came to light that, alongside back to school essentials, its George clothing line's website was also selling a "Mental Patient" Halloween fancy dress costume. Read More >>


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