Tesla's Model S Lock Can be Opened With a Basic Hack

Tesla's Model S is supposed to be the safest car on the road—at least where the physical realm is concerned. But apparently, the crazy expensive car's six-character password is vulnerable to some pretty basic hacking techniques, leaving you and your car's data at the mercy of a tech-savvy stranger. Read More >>

Elon Musk to Turn James Bond Lotus Esprit Submarine Into a Tesla Transformer

Remember the James Bond submarine car thing that went up for auction a few weeks back? It turns out it was bought by multi-billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, he of Tesla / PayPal/ Hyperloop fame. And he's got big plans for his new bath toy. Read More >>

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Tesla Model S Car Goes Up In Flames, But Driver Still Loves His Electric Wheels

Electric cars -- less petrol, less chance of them exploding into a ball of flames, right? Wrong, as this clip of a Tesla Model S burning up after a crash shows. It looks bad, but would it have been worse in a standard petrol-powered car? Read More >>

Elon Musk's Next Sci-Fi Trick is an "Auto Pilot" Self-Driving Tesla Car

Rocket and tube enthusiast Elon Musk says his Tesla electric car company has joined the race to build a self-driving vehicle, revealing plans for a Tesla that's able to operate itself mostly on "auto pilot" while you sit there being bored, within the next three years. Read More >>

A Tesla Model S Crashed Into an Electric Pole and Caused a Blackout

Stop me if you've heard this before but an electric car and an electric pole walk into a bar... Okay, seriously. This is one of those ridiculous news stories that are too perfect to be true, but actually are. A Tesla Model S crashed into a utility pole in the US and caused a local blackout. Read More >>

Hyperloop: Everything We Think We Know About the Future of Public Transport

Today, Tesla Motors chief Elon Musk will finally reveal his concept for a high-speed public transport system called Hyperloop. The Hyperloop, according to Musk, will be able to whisk you from downtown Los Angeles to downtown San Francisco in roughly the time it takes to watch an episode of Have I Got News For You. He's been intentionally vague about details — but that doesn't mean we can't make some educated guesses about how he's going to pull this off. Read More >>

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Inside the Mesmerising Robotic Factory Where Teslas Are Born

It can't be easy to build a car, but the factory where Teslas are born makes it looks like a piece of cake. The folks over at Wired took a look behind the scenes to watch rolls of aluminium transform into fully functional electric cars, and it's a sight to behold. Read More >>

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This Is What Happens When Your Experimental Lab Has Too Much Time and Money

Why, yes, that is Sergey Brin driving around in a pink zero-emission Batmobile. Apparently that's what the crew of Google's X Lab get up to on April Fools, pimping the boss' £50,000-plus electric Tesla Model S. Rumour has it that he quite likes it too. Oh how the other half live. [Google+Twitter, Brian Li via 9to5Google] Read More >>

Massive Amounts of Electricity Wasted in Mario Music Tesla Coil Stunt

The X-Labs team at the University of South Florida had themselves a whale of a time recently, burning through some serious amounts of electricity in order to play the Mario theme on an enormous Tesla coil. Read More >>

The Oatmeal Zaps Through Its Awesome Tesla Museum Funding Target

The Oatmeal just keeps getting more brilliant. After finding a talent for raising money for good causes, Matthew Inman took to saving Nikola Tesla's original lab, turning it into a goddamn museum. I'd say that's pretty freaking awesome, and considering it's already rocketed past its £540,000 target in just a few days, loads of others think so too. Read More >>

The Oatmeal Launches Fundraiser To Save Tesla Tower

We're fans of The Oatmeal and their funny hijinks, but funny is not all they do. Site creator Matthew Inman also has a bit of philanthropy up his sleeve too, and he fancies saving the Tesla Tower to turn it into a goddamn museum. Well? Read More >>

New Electric Car Battery Could Double Capacity and Halve Cost

Well, this is an exciting bit of news for green drivers. Envia Systems has come up with a new battery technology that could give a £20,000 electric car a range of 300 miles to a charge. Yes, please? Read More >>

Shadow Lords: The Top Ten Behind-the-Scenes Technology Giants

You probably don't know them. They lurk in the shadows putting their leaders' decisions in motion and making sure the day-to-day operations run smoothly. Like Apple's Tim Cook before he was handed the reins by Steve Jobs, these unsung heroes of tech serve an important role without the harsh glare of the limelight. Click through the gallery to view the ten men. Read More >>

New Tesla Model S to Leave Your Rivals for Petrol-Free Dust

Elon Musk, Tesla's CEO, has been bigging up his latest baby, a souped-up Tesla Model S sedan, which the company is currently beta testing for the gear-heads among us. Read More >>


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