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iPhone 5 Camera vs. The Competition: What's the Best Smartphone Shooter?

For many of the people scooping up an iPhone 5, its 8-megapixel camera will be their go-to shooter. But how much of an improvement is it over the iPhone 4S? And how does it compare to the smartphone—and point and shoot—competition? Read More >>

The Canon 1DX Makes One Hell of a 5K Movie Camera

People who use cameras like the Canon 1DX are usually shooting fast-action sequences like sports and nature subjects. The hallmark feature at play is the ability to fire off stills ridiculously fast—12 fps RAW, or 14 fps JPEG. Read More >>

Canon DSLR Video Compared: 1DX vs 5D Mark III vs 650D

Canon DLSRs are popular for video shooting, and you can pull beautiful footage from the low end 650D to the high end 1D series. But what is the difference in image quality in a price range from £700-£5300? We've had a 650D, 5D Mark III, and 1DX all in ou possession, so we decided to take a closer look. Read More >>

Sony Alpha SLT A57 Hands-On: DSLR Performance Without a DSLR Price

Sony's latest £600 Alpha camera sure looks like a budget DSLR, huh? Well it is. But our hands-on today has us thinking it might just perform above its paltry price tag. Read More >>

iPad Test Notes: Retina Apps Do Make a Difference

The thing about the iPad's new retina screen and processor is that yes, they're nice, but it's up to developers to take full advantage of it. Here's how some of the better retina iPad apps compare to their iPad 2 equivalents. Read More >>

Windows 8 on a MacBook Air: Beautiful and Kinda Broken

The MacBook Air is the most beautiful piece of computing hardware you can put in front of your face. Windows 8 is arguably the most exciting software counterpart right now—sorry, Mountain Lion. So what happens when you mix? Read More >>

BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 Test Notes: Worth the Wait?

This isn't the review of the BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 software. That comes tomorrow. Rather, these are just some early impressions and comparisons to the 1.0 software running through my head as I get acclimated with the thing. These opinions that may or may not change with time and familiarity. Read More >>

Test Notes: 4G For a Week

OK, so you might have heard by now that Giz UK has been 4G-powered for a week or two. So, it's about time we gave you our real-world working experience of 4G -- what it's really like to use, and whether it's actually any good. Read More >>


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