In Theory, This is How the Xbox One Stacks Up Against the More Powerful PS4

There's no doubt that on paper, the way Sony's designed the PS4 and the AMD components it's selected offer 50 per cent more power in the GPU department over the Xbox One. But does it really make any difference when you get down to playing a game? Read More >>

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Driving an F1 Car Is Way More Complicated Than I Ever Imagined

I know there are a load of buttons on an F1 steering wheel, but there's a heck of a lot more to adjust than I actually thought was possible mid-drive. This testing lap recorded from what looks like the lap of Nico Rosberg, with commentary from one of his engineers, shows these guys have to be absolute machines to cope with it all while blasting round the track at breakneck speeds. Read More >>

A Look Inside Nokia's Absurd Phone Testing Labs

Nokia phones are pretty sturdy. Sturdier than most, actually. And while all phones go through similar stress tests, we've got a look into Nokia's specifically. It's petty impressive! Read More >>

Which? Magazine: The iPhone 5 is the Slowest Smartphone of Them All

The testing gurus over at Which? have right royally sunk their teeth into the iPhone 5. They tested the seven most popular smartphones in Britain and found the iPhone 5 severely wanting. Read More >>

Watching Samsung Torture Galaxy S4s Is Weirdly Satisfying

No matter how careful you try to be, you're going to do some damage to your phone. Accidents happen, especially when you try to avoid them. So to emulate your tender, loving care, Samsung took its Galaxy S4 through hell and back before it got to shelves. Somebody has to prepare that phone for you, you monster. Read More >>

How Many Times Can You Stack a Lego Brick Before It Stops Connecting?

The moulds used to create plastic Lego pieces are engineered with extreme precision so that the bricks stay connected via friction alone. But over time your Lego pieces will wear out with use and eventually stop sticking, and Phillipe Cantin wanted to know exactly when that would happen. Read More >>

Apple's Currently Testing HDTVs at 46 and 55-Inches

We've had rumours floating around that Apple's been testing Apple HDTVs for a while now, but after Tim Cook actually said it's "an area of intense interest" that tired old rumour seems to inching ever closer to fact. Now, it seems, Foxconn's currently testing 46 and 55-inch Apple TV panels. Read More >>

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This Future-Proofing Torture Test Puts Next-Gen Materials Through the Ringer

Our gadgets sure have it rough. Between change-filled pockets, waist-high falls onto concrete, and dunks in the toilet bowl, gadget surfaces need to be tougher and more resilient than ever. To develop the next generation of durable surfaces, materials scientists rely on specialised torture testing equipment like the Bruker Universal Mechanical Tester to put prototype samples through their paces. Read More >>

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Samsung Tests Its Phones Using a Massive Fake Arse

I have no idea what the guy in this video is banging on about (it's in Korean), but apparently in Samsung's army of smartphone testing apparatus is a 100kg arse, which it dutifully drops onto its phones. Now that's proper testing right there. Read More >>

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Nokia Lumia 920 Versus a Car

Drop tests? Pah, who simply drops their phone these days? I mean, the number of times I've run over my phone with my car, but no one tests for that, right? Having survived loads of other tests, some guy intent on destroying his Lumia 920, took it to 'the next level'. Phone versus car; who will win? Read More >>

Valve's Ready For You to Test Its Crazy New Hardware

We heard Valve had new hardware in development, both insane looking and, potentially, a more mundane traditional "Steam Box," but now it seems it's ready for the general public to start testing its secret stuff. Read More >>

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Can You Work Out What This Thing Was Used For?

This thing looks like a cross between a gun, some weird cooking utensil, and an elaborate medical instrument. It is of course none of those things: but can your work out what it was used for? Read More >>

No Wonder Passbook Uses Crummy QR Codes, Apple Uses Them in Manufacturing too

Apple loves QR codes -- you've only got to look on the intimate parts of its products to know that. Thanks to a supposedly leaked test report image, left on a iPhone 5 shipped directly from China, this love for QR codes extends to manufacturing as well. That "Fail" message is a bit worrying -- not the kind of thing you'd want to see on your shiny new iPhone 5. Read More >>

YouView Finally Arrives at Some 350 Lucky People's Homes

YouView was meant to actually launch before the Olympics, but there's very little chance of that now it seems. Mind you, at least the broadcasting partnership has managed to get a few boxes into homes at last, as the "alpha" trail is finally underway. Read More >>

Welcome to the New New Mexico Ghost Town -- Population: Zero

Across the pond in America, over £620 million is being pumped into a new town complete with all sorts of different roads, houses and commercial properties, but the catch is that nobody is home. Read More >>


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