A Tiny HD DLP Chip Could Finally Put a Projector in Your Phone

Texas Instruments might have found a way to convince handset makers to include a minuscule projector into forthcoming devices with its new 0.3-inch HD DLP Pico chipset. Read More >>

How Can Portal Look This Unbelievably Amazing On a Graphing Calculator?

If you thought spelling out childish messages was the only fun you could have with a calculator, think again. Some incredibly talented hacker who goes by the handle Builderboy has written a Portal clone for Texas Instruments Ti-83 and Ti-84 graphing calculators. Read More >>

Amazon in Talks to Buy Texas Instruments' Mobile Chip Division

Amazon is apparently in "advanced negotiations" with Texas Instruments, in an attempt to buy its smartphone and tablet oriented OMAP chip division. Read More >>

Why You'll Be Seeing TI's OMAP Chipset in More Cars and Fewer Smartphones

Texas Instrument's OMAP4 mobile chipset is quite good. In fact, you'll be seeing it in the Kindle Fire HD and the new Nook HD tablets. But despite the technical proficiency of that piece of silicon, the company has bigger plans for its technology than just tablets and smartphones: it wants to be in cars. Read More >>


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