I Wish I Could Read Wikipedia Like This

I love Wikipedia, but too often the articles are just not that easy to read. It's not that my English isn't good enough. My English good. There is Simple English Wikipedia, but it doesn't cover as many topics and it's not as thorough. Read More >>

Text Messaging Fell Last Year as Modern Ways of Exchanging Words Exploded

The rise of Wi-Fi and 3G data messaging services like WhatsApp, Snapchat and Google badgering everyone into using Hangouts has contributed to a fall in UK text messaging, with 2013 seeing UK text numbers drop for the first time since the SMS system arrived. Read More >>

SwiftKey Embeds Itself into the Clarion AX1 Android Car Radio

Popular Android predictive keyboard SwiftKey is about to pop up in a whole different series of devices, with the text entry system set to appear in the Clarion AX1 Android-based car entertainment system. It'll allow passengers and distracted drivers to access the web and send messages in usual SwiftKey style. Read More >>

How Braille Was Invented

Braille was invented by a nineteenth century man named Louis Braille, who was completely blind. Braille's story starts when he was three years old, and playing in his father's shop in Coupvray, France, where he somehow managed to injure his eye. Read More >>

Test Your Typo Finding Skills in This Stressful Timed Test

Spot a typo on the Internet? Get your pitchforks, saddle up the horses, and raise hell until it's fixed. Or... just leave a nasty comment! Truthfully though, typos suck. When you're reading something, blatant tyops (heh) can smack your eyes and snap you back to consciousness. It's like being pinched in a dream or something. But what about mind fart typos like confusing there and their or it's and its or you're and your? Some of those mistakes still drive people nuts! Read More >>

Google's Hangouts Chat World Will Soon Pull in SMS Messages

Google's attempt to assimilate the communications of the world will soon take a huge step forward, with a company staff member unofficially suggesting that text messages will soon slot themselves into its Hangouts cross-platform chat suite. Read More >>

"Pay By Text" the Next Big Thing in UK Mobile Money Management

Forget the masses of differing complicated NFC virtual wallets that no one seems to want to use, there's about to be an exciting new modern payment method in town -- the humble SMS message. Read More >>

Try the Next-Gen SwiftKey Flow Android Keyboard for Free

The clever SwiftKey Android keyboard, which analyses your writing history to suggest the next word you might be about to type, has been updated. A new beta release adds line-drawing input to the mix, helping it challenge the popular Swype for the position as number one Android text input tool. And the beta's free to try. It has changed many lives. [SwiftKey] Read More >>

Evernote and Moleskine Team Up to Help You Digitise Your Pen and Paper Scribblings

At this point, one of the last things keeping most people from composing all their notes in digital form is that they're fond of physical writing. Old habits can die hard. Realising this, Evernote and Moleskine have teamed up to create Moleskine notebooks specifically designed for use with Evernote. Read More >>

The Queen's English (Literally) Added to SwiftKey Predictive Keyboard

SwiftKey's a superb little alternate keyboard for Android-based smartphones, which analyses your typing patterns and tries to guess the next word you're about to type. Now the makers have committed the treasonous task of analysing the Queen's speech, so you can text like our monarch. Read More >>

David Cameron Thought "LOL" Meant "Lots of Love" (Just Like Your Mum)

Lots of gems have come out of the Leveson enquiry, mainly revolving around old man-Murdoch, but right now it's Rebekah Brooks in the hot seat. She's been telling us all about her textual relationship with our dear PM, Mr. David Cameron. Apparently he's not managed to get that newfangled text speak down just yet. Read More >>

RIP Ceefax -- The Internet Before There Was Internet

Analogue TV wasn’t the only casualty of the digital switch-over and with London’s switch-off last night, another old friend bit the dust too – Ceefax. The BBC’s teletext service, which was born way back in 1974, brought text news and stories to the decidedly non-digital world, miles before the internet we know and love today was opened-up to the public. Ceefax was your Grandad’s internet. Read More >>

Text Messages Are Good For Your Mental Health

That small surge of happiness and excitement you get when receiving a text message? Everyone gets it, and it's good for your brain. Read More >>

Nuance May Be Scooping Up Swype For £64 Million

Nuance is reportedly acquiring Swype, the company behind the popular keyboard alternative for Android. The purchase price is estimated to be a cool £64 million. Read More >>


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