Self-Love Portal Instagram May be Launching Direct Messaging Tools

It'll soon be much easier to make contact with those people you occasionally stalk on Instagram, thanks to a rumour that suggests the sandwich and sunset photography portal is about to bring direct messaging to its 200 million aggressively confident users. Read More >>

Hands-Free Mobile Gear Should be Banned From Cars, Says Safe Driving Charity

Fiddling with a text message and trying to write grammatically correct sexy messages with an on-screen keyboard while driving is obviously a bit dangerous, but a safety charity suggests that chatting on a hands-free system is just as risky -- and ought to be banned. Read More >>

Three Bins Calling, Text and Data Roaming Fees in Seven Countries

UK mobile network Three has jiggled its overseas calling plans, introducing something it calls the 'Feel At Home' option. This means full use of your UK contract minutes, texts and mobile data allowance when in one of the seven countries initially covered by the scheme. Read More >>

Have You Been Charged For Using WhatsApp Yet?

WhatsApp on the iPhone has finally gone free and has switched to a yearly charge of 69p for the privilege of messaging your million friends. It supposedly brings the iPhone app in line with the Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone apps, but have you actually ever been charged for using WhatsApp past buying the app in the first place? Read More >>

Texting People Who Leave Their Numbers in Public Is Both Awful and Great

Trolls are the worst, but funny trolls are shake-your-head enjoyable. You can't help but appreciate their mastery of their craft. Textastrophe is the perfect example of that. He texts people who leave their numbers in public and weaves an epic conversation that makes clowns, bouncy castle renters, movers and other poor innocent bystanders regret ever putting their number out. Read More >>

How Many Texts a Day Do You Send?

Apparently messaging apps like WhatsApp have finally overtaken SMS as the medium of choice for burst-fire messages. According to new stats, 1.4 billion more chat-app messages were sent than texts last year, marking the first time the humble SMS has been beaten. Read More >>

17-Year-Old Speed-Texting Champion Does it Drrrty

17-year-old Justin Bieber look-alike Austin Wierschke, of Rhinelander, Wisconsin (and a native of the United Kingdom?), is £32,000 richer today—thanks to his speedy-quick thumbs and unfailingly accurate dexterity. He's a two-time prize-winning SMS champion, ladies and gents, the fastest in our great nation. Read More >>

O2 Wants You to Stay Stay Stay With its Pay & Go Go Go

Pay & Go Go Go is the new name for the results of O2's latest fiddling with its PAYG contracts, which give users cashback and more minutes and data for showing some level of commitment to the network. Read More >>

Anti-Social Brits Would Rather Text Than Talk

The shyness of the nation has been exposed by new data from communications regulator Ofcom, which has found that we'd much rather communicate by impersonal text message than go to the effort of making an actual voice call. Read More >>

O2 Could Skip Legal Trouble For Massive Blackout

O2 sure has had a fun few days, with up to a third of customers being hit with the blackout and many customers have lobbed complaints at them, but it seems like the network provider could escape legal trouble completely due to a couple of carefully written statements in the terms of service. Read More >>

If You're On O2, Turn Off Your 3G to Get Service Again (Updated -- Things Should Be Fixed)

Oh dear, O2's massive outage is rolling over into its second day and there's currently no definite timescale for a full fix. Apparently the issue is being caused by a central network fault, which prevents people's phone numbers registering on the network. O2's managed to restore its 2G network, so if you're on O2, disable your 3G for the time being. Slow data is better than no data. Read More >>

Read All the Haunting Texts You Sent a Year Ago

TimeHop is a curious thing—it's the purest form of the stupid Internet faux nostalgia phenomenon. But it's also a lot of mindless, sentimental fun, a snapshot of your (digital) life a year ago. Now it reads your texts. Read More >>

ICO Nukes 20,000 Spammers' SIM Cards For Good

Getting less spam texts recently? You can thank our good ol'Information Commissioner’s Office. It’s finally put its newfound muscle into practice and has blocked 20,000 SIM cards responsible for bombarding us poor folk with around eight million spam texts a day. Read More >>

Are Kids Really Using These New Ridiculous Sexting Phrases?

I love it when old people try to understand the inner workings of the teenage brain. Like if they think hard enough they'll figure out why little Amanda sneaks out at night. Please. Kids are kids! So parents, just understand that you'll never understand the advanced and possibly unreal sexting terminology of your kids. Read More >>


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