Commuter Cashback Scheme May Encourage Londoners to Walk or Bike to Work

London's Mayor is open to considering a scheme that would enhance the part-time travelcard scheme with new incentives for commuters, including a plan that could hand out cash rebates on season tickets for days when travellers dare to cycle or walk instead. Read More >>

London Underground Investing £330m in Mass Tube Station Jazz-Up

Transport for London has announced a plan to throw £330m at London's tube network, with the money set to be spent on refreshing around 70 stations over the next seven years. New floors, walls, efficient lighting and yet more CCTV cameras to catch you weeing in the tunnels will eventually hit the city's underground world. Read More >>

TfL Website Gets a Google Maps-Infused Facelift

Considering eight million people use it monthly, the Transport for London website has been long overdue a makeover -- it was clunky, ugly, and sometimes downright confusing as to showing users the best transport options for trips around the capital. A significant redesign of the service launches today, and it's instantly a zillion times more useable than what went before it. Read More >>

TfL Trialling Bus Stop Touchscreen Map and Info Panels

It's not quite as heart-stopping as Pepsi's alien invasion augmented reality bus shelter, but it's a thousand times more useful: Transport for London has today begun trialling a bus stop equipped with an interactive mapping and information touchscreen. Read More >>

Electric Car Sharing Service Heading to London in 2015

The residents of London have managed to get along with the "Boris Bike" rental scheme without too many hitches -- could the same soon extend to green-friendly electric car hire services? Read More >>

£16 Billion "Boris Bus" Inspired Tube Train Upgrade Planned

£16 billion is being injected into London's Underground tube system, with a new fleet of air-conditioned, walk-through trains top of the wishlist of the Underground's MD. Read More >>

London's Iconic Heritage Routemasters to be Scrapped in Favour of Boris Buses

It's one of the most iconic vehicles on London's roads, but the ageing red Routemaster bus, currently serving two routes, now seems set to be replaced by the modern hybrid "Boris Bus" entirely. Read More >>

This Week's London Underground Tube Strike is Called Off (Updated)

Now, let's not jump for joy just yet, but it's looking likely that the second bout of London Underground tube strikes, expected to start tonight, may be about to be called off. The TSSA union is stating that it has reached an eleventh-hour deal with the Acas mediation body. Read More >>

Friday's Tube Revenue Strike Will Open the Floodgates for Fare Evaders

While this week's 48-hour London Underground walkout may be grabbing all the headlines, there's also another kind of tube strike happening this Friday and next Monday, one that will make it easier than ever to bunk a fare. Read More >>

Londoners, Now's Your Chance to Moan About Your Journey in Today

With 23 per cent of our readers living in London, I'm guessing many of them struggled into work today thanks to Bob Crow's tube strike. Now, while there's nothing more dull than hearing of other people's three-hour travel attempts, there's admittedly nothing more satisfying than bitching about your own journey. So, air your grievances below, but warning! Be careful not to read anyone else's comment. (Unless the non-Londoners want a kick of schadenfreude with their morning coffee). Read More >>

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This is the Horrific Moment a Man Was Kicked Through a Double Decker Bus' Upstairs Window

We love the faithful old Routemaster bus here at Giz, but as a born-and-bred Londoner who is not afraid of the odd night bus journey, I've seen my fair share of nasty happenings on them. This clip, however, is something else. Read More >>

The Tube Strike: Everything You Need to Know to Survive Commuter Hell

After weeks of seesawing negotiations, Londoners will tonight have to brace themselves for a 48-hour tube strike, severely limiting the transport service that runs like veins beneath the capital's streets. It's a mess, but with a bit of forward planning, you should be able to get to where you need to be. Just don't expect to be on time. Read More >>

London Buses to Go Cashless This Summer

Londoners will need to protect their Oyster Cards with their lives come the summer, as all buses are to go cashless. Read More >>

Boris's U-Turn: Flexible Travel Cards to Go on Sale Next Year

Everyone's favourite floppy-haired mayor has promised a three-day travelcard for part-time workers and telecommuters starting in January next year, flip-flopping magnificently from a position he held just a few months ago. Read More >>

A Silver Routemaster Will be the Star of London's "Year of the Bus"

Already today  we've celebrated the iconic red double decker by revealing 18 little-known facts about London's buses, and now Mayor Boris Johnson has officially kicked off 2014's "Year of the Bus" by announcing a host of events inspired by London's arterial bus service. Read More >>

18 Things You Didn't Know About London Buses

Buses have a long and interesting history in the capital. Today the Mayor of London is launching the year of the bus, celebrating an iconic symbol of our transport network which carries 6.5 million people a day. Below are eighteen facts covering a selection of historical, contemporary and weird nuggets of info about the world-famous transport system. Read More >>


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