Do You Have Digital Photos of Yourself As a Child?

We started sharing some of our baby pictures in our Gizmodo chatroom earlier today. You see some of them above. Awwww, weren't we cute? Anyway, a few of us had more immediate access to our photos, which brought up the interesting question. So where do you store your old baby pics? Read More >>

The Best Way To Store Your Stuff in the Cloud

When it comes to cloud storage, there are a whole bunch of fluffy options up there in the proverbial sky. Maybe you need unlimited storage, or maybe you need it for free. Here's a list of the ones that are the best at what they do. Read More >>

Now You Can Grab Free Wi-Fi With Your Fried Chicken

Next time you're indulging your cravings for fried chicken, you'll also get a side of free Wi-Fi, courtesy of the Cloud, in every KFC in the country. Just try not to get your sticky fingers all over that cornucopia of shiny gadgets in your bag. Secret sauce and electronics just don't mix. [Mobile News] Read More >>

A New Service Gives You Storage for All Your Devices That Never Runs Out

Imagine never running out of room on your hard drive or having a cheaper cloud storage solution. Actually, you don't have to imagine either because BitCasa offers "infinite" storage space on the cheap. Read More >>

How Much of Your Hard Drive is Full Right Now?

When you're getting a new laptop, or building a PC of your own, hard drive space can be a concern. Maybe you want an SSD for speed, or maybe you just want an assload of space. Who doesn't want space? Read More >>

Data Centres Waste a Ridiculously Massive Amount of Energy

There's a lot of data out there, and more and more is being created every day. It takes a lot of resources to keep it around, and make sure that you and everyone else can access what they want, when they want, with minimal downtime. Naturally this takes a lot of energy, but the New York Times looked into exactly how much. It's a ridiculous amount. Read More >>

Nobody Has Any Idea What the Cloud Is

A recent survey has unearthed an interesting/borderline depressing fact—one in three people think cloud computing has to do with literal clouds. That's right: many of us think we need an umbrella to access SkyDrive. Read More >>

Whatever Underground Can Do, Overground Can Do Better -- Including Free Wi-Fi

We heard Virgin is set to pump Wi-Fi down London’s tube in time for the Olympics, but it seems it’s not just the tunnel-loving that’ll get some free Wi-Fi this year -- London Overground’s getting The Cloud in to cover its stations too. The best thing is it’ll remain free forever, not just a brief free summer romance of the tube. Read More >>

O2 Falls Out of The Cloud

O2 has put an end to its Wi-Fi hotspot sharing arrangement with The Cloud, a comfortable little agreement which used to allow O2 subscribers to enjoy a bit of turbo-charged data access while out and about. Read More >>

What the Hell Were These Architects Thinking?

These luxury residential towers, set to be completed in Seoul in 2015, are supposed to be evocative of a pixelated cloud floating overhead. But to be honest, the only thing they remind me of are September 11. How did no one cry foul? Read More >>


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