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Batman's Actually The Grinch in Disguise, and He Wants to Ruin Christmas

This Christmas, watch your backs. You could be happily enjoying unwrapping your presents, when all of a sudden, the Caped Crusader comes flying through the door and starts beating the crap out of everyone. Y'know, because presents and happiness are an untold menace to the good folk of Gotham and have to be got rid of. Read More >>

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Every Awesome Movie From 2012 Mashed Into One Epic Roll

This year we've been pretty spoilt for quality action movies. We've had the super-hyped Prometheus, The Avengers, Skyfall, and, of course, The Dark Knight Rises, but there were so many more. Watch this epic mashup of the best of 2012 and see if you can spot them all. Read More >>

Watch This Behind the Scenes Clip of The Dark Knight's Bat

While you were watching Nolan's third and final Dark Knight flick, did you wonder how in the hell they got the Bat to do all of its hovering, darting and intimidating? Sure you did! Read More >>

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How They Actually Made Batman's Awesome Tumbler From The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises special features footage continues to flow. After finding out how they made the amazing exploding American football field, now we find out how the Tumbler came to be. Seems it was a bunch of Brits that built it, too. Read More >>

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Screw Batman, The Dark Knight Rises Is All About Bane

What happens when you recut The Dark Knight Rises so it's just a movie about Bane? Awesomeness, that's what. This is Bane the Movie, a short film about a hero who fights for change against a bumbling rich man in a Halloween costume. Brilliant. Read More >>

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Here's How They Created That Incredible Exploding Football Field In The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises was pretty incredible for many reasons, truly living up to the hype. But one of the most jaw-dropping bits was when Bane blew-up an American football stadium right at the start of a game. Here's how they actually did it. Read More >>

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Is This How the Dark Knight Rises Should Have Ended?

The Dark Knight Rises had a pretty solid storyline, but some of it was a bit dubious, when you stop and think about it. Not that I noticed while in the cinema, mind, but why on Earth did the whole police force go into the tunnels? Anyway, watch and laugh. Read More >>

Lolympics: Day 5

Yes! Finally! We've won not one, but two whole gold medal events. But that's not all that's been happening in a day of Lolympics. Good ol'Boris, hilariously, got stuck hanging from a zip-line waving flags, while Beats actually managed to beat the Olympic brand police. Eight badminton players also got caught fixing matches and banned, and you can now see what could happen to your legs as a cyclist (it's not pretty). Read More >>

After Months of Anticipation, The Dark Knight Rises Is Finally Here. But Was It Actually Any Good?

After literally months of teasers, trailers, featurettes and intense anticipation, Christopher Nolan's conclusion to the Dark Knight trilogy is finally upon us. Reviews across-the-board seem to be good, with the odd outlier saying it's rubbish, but now that you’ve placed bum-on-seat and witnessed it with your own two-eyes, tell us what you really thought. (Warning: Could contain spoilers) Read More >>

Masked Man Guns Down 14 People at a Dark Knight Rises Premiere

It seems not everything Batman is good news right now. A man wearing a gasmask opened fire on cinemagoers during a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises, killing 14 and wounding around 50 others. Read More >>

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Want to Feel Like You're Actually Batman? Grab This Free App and Live the Soundtrack

Having just seen The Dark Knight Rises I can tell you it's pretty damn good. Almost everything (nothing's perfect, right?) is quality. The soundtrack is another masterpiece too, so dark, grimy and atmostpheric. With this free DKR soundscape app you can literally live the soundtrack as you walk about your own city as if it was Gotham. Read More >>

A Vue Cinemas Batman Begins/Dark Knight Double Bill For Just £5 Is Your Dark-Knight-Rises-Warm-Up Deal of the Day

What are you doing tonight? Fancy going to 'the flicks'? You're not sure? But there’s a Batman DOUBLE BILL ON! Yeah, now you’re interested. Read More >>

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Here Are Two New Dark Knight Rises Trailers to Keep You Going Until Friday

It's so close I can almost taste it. The Dark Knight Rises premieres this Friday, but if you haven't already got tickets I'm afraid you're probably out of luck. My local cinemaplex is sold out through till Tuesday, if you can believe it. Still, here are a couple more trailers to keep your appetite whet. Read More >>

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This Ice Age 4 -- The Dark Nut Rises Batman Parody Is Hilarious

The cute little squirrel from Ice Age is at it again, this time he's Scratman, and he's going to kick some scumbags to the kerb in The Dark Nut Rises. Read More >>

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This Awesome 13-Minute The Dark Knight Rises Featurette Shows It'll Be a Truly Epic Conclusion

Just 11 days now till we can haul our arses down to our local cinemaplex and witness the lastest, and hopefully greatest, instalment of Nolan's Batman trilogy. If like me you just can't quite wait, here's a full 13-minute featurette to tide you over till next week. Read More >>

Make Your Way Through the Smoke to Check Out Gotham City in a Fully Fledged 3D Map

It's no secret. We're big fans of The Dark Knight Rises. And we're quite giddy about this little contraption Nokia have put together to celebrate the film: a fully functional (and official!) 3D map of the sprawling metropolis that Batman calls home, complete with iconic locations, landmarks and Gotham's famous smog. Read More >>


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