How Typography Set 2001: A Space Odyssey in the Sci-Fi Future

Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey is visually stunning. And the closer you examine, the more exquisite details you'll find. That's what Dave Addey has done in his in-depth, scene-by-scene examination of how this cinema masterpiece used typography to create a familiar yet still distant future. Read More >>

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A Cheat Sheet For the Next 100 Quintillion Years

Did you know the Hale-Bopp comet will return 2,372 years from now, while in 50,000 years, Niagara Falls will disappear? And a mere 5 million years from now, men will be extinct, thanks to the Y chromosome's instability. These are just some of the gems in the BBC's Timeline of the Far Future, a major events forecast for the next 100 quintillion years. Read More >>

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Learn More About Time Travel so You Can be Prepared for the Future

Though most of us probably think time travel only works inside a DeLorean, much smarter folks out there can explain it slightly better than Doc Brown. Like this TED-Ed animation narrated by Colin Stuart. It reveals how time travel is possible, who has time travelled the longest, the history of time travel and the hopeful future. Learn something and then maybe we'll be ready for the future. [TED-Ed] Read More >>

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Wait a Minute, Are We Already Cyborgs?

If you think about how connected we are — smartphones in our pocket, computers on our laps, internet at our fingertips — it might be reasonable to assume that we kind of, sort of already are cyborgs. Can you imagine if someone in the past saw a person wearing Google Glass today? He'd totally believe that person was half-robot. Read More >>

What Our Gadgets Will Look Like a 100 Years From Now

Some objects age gracefully. Think the design of products from 1960's era Braun. Or some of Apple's stuff. But that's just the design that stays timeless, the actual object gets beat up by both Father Time, Mother Nature and Careless Human. It's going to be rare to see a mint condition iPod a hundred years from now, just like it's rare to see something pristine from before World War I. Artist Maico Akiba imagined what our gadgets would look like a 100 years from now and boy do they take a beating. Read More >>

What People in 1836 Thought the Moon Was Like

I wish I could live during a time when we believed creatures and aliens and things lived on the Moon. My imagination would have had so much fun! But alas, real life is too boring for that kind of fun. Still, in 1836, people believed that astronomers had found life on the moon. They imagined a world of hairy men with wings, unicorns and naked insect ladies. Read More >>

Oh Yes, an Iranian Scientist Has Invented a Time Machine (So He Says)

Ali Razeghi, an Iranian scientist who is the managing director of Iran's Centre for Strategic Inventions, has done something only the great Doc Brown has done: he's created a time machine. But unlike Doc's DeLorean, Razeghi's "The Aryayek Time Traveling Machine" can only take you to the future. What are we waiting for? Let's go! Read More >>

What 1988 Los Angeles Thought It'd Look Like in 2013

Everybody always imagines the future looking way cooler than it actually does. The Los Angeles Times just re-proved the point by republishing a 1988 issue in which it made a slew of guesses about 2013. Some of them were right, but unfortunately cars still don't look that cool. Read More >>

The Future Is Going to Be Hilariously Hovering

This animation, called The Future by Alex Goddard, is pretty much perfect. Everything is going to hover. In fact, I won't believe we're in the future until more things start hovering. My favourite part of the clever animation was when hoverboards are still only 'coming soon'. [Alex Goddard Vimeo] Read More >>

What We Thought the Year 2001 Would Look Like Back in 1967

The godfather of US network news, Walter Cronkite, had a regular show on CBS called "The 21st Century" that showed off technology of the future. One episode that aired on March 12, 1967 showed off what a home would look like in 2001: 3D TV, videophones, some gigantic machine that sounds a lot like Twitter, robot servants and more. Read More >>

What Kids in 1977 Thought the Year 2000 Would Look Like

On February 26, 1977 in Steubenville, Ohio, the Herald Star asked people to make their predictions of the year 2000. Most of the letters predicting the future came from 10-12 year old kids still in middle school. What's amazing is how right some of them actually were. Read More >>

What People in 1899 Thought the Year 2000 Would Look Like

If you asked me back in the year 2000, what 2012 was going to be like, I'm not sure I could have gave you a good answer. So you could imagine how wrong people back in 1899 were about the year 2000. They thought there were going to be flying firemen! Read More >>

This Futuristic Camera Can See Around Corners Using Lasers

A group of scientists have developed a camera that can take pictures of things that are hidden by walls. Not through X-Ray vision but with the ability to see around corners. That is, if an image is blocked by a wall, the camera will use lasers to peek around the corner. Read More >>

I Just Controlled Windows 8 with My Eyes and It Made Me Believe in Technology Again

Windows 8 has a gorgeous Metro and finger friendly swipe-y interface that's perfectly fine but so 2011. All I want in my life in 2012 is Tobii, a company that's made the future possible: you control Windows 8 with your eyes. Seriously, it knows exactly what you're looking at when you're looking at it. It's instantaneous, it's ah-mazing and I haven't been this excited about technology since well, ever. Read More >>


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