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High-Speed Proof of an Airbag's Violent Life-Saving Power

It's been described as getting hit with a basketball thrown point blank at your face, but if you ever experience an airbag deployment you're probably not going to complain since it most likely saved your life. Unless you're a glass of water, as this wonderful high-speed footage reveals. Read More >>

The Best Way to Paint Is with Slow Motion Explosions

Blowing stuff up is a blast in more ways than one, but only occasionally can you venture to call it art. This is an edge case. Ever an explosive duo, the Slow Mo guys have moved from pans of gasoline to bottles of paint and firecrackers and made some pretty colourful explosions. Read More >>

Bubbles Bursting At 18,000 FPS Is as Hypnotic as It Sounds

We've probably all seen high-speed footage of soap bubbles detonating in mid-air. But footage shot at 18,000 frames per second? That brings a whole new level of awesome to this childhood pastime. Just makes sure you stop and remember the countless bubbles that had to die so The Slow Mo Guys could bring us this lovely footage. Your deaths were not in vain. [YouTube] Read More >>


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