Watch a 200,000-Mile Canyon of Fire Rip Open on the Sun

Trying to watch the sun's explosions with your naked eyes is a recipe for blindness, but luckily NASA has a couple of telescopes that can show you all that fusion glory with none of the permanent ocular damage. Take, for instance, this 200,000-mile long canyon of fire. Read More >>

Newspaper Mistakes Game Tech From Deus Ex for Real Medical Implants

Whoever wrote this article on tech implants for The Sun paper got a bit carried away with the Google search results, somehow managing to mistake fictional company Sarif Industries from Deus Ex for a real firm. Read More >>

Should the Sun Ditch Its Page 3 Girls?

The Irish edition of the Sun has dropped topless girls from its 3rd page, citing "cultural differences". The strange thing is the paper isn't dumping the ladies entirely; it's just getting them to cover-up a bit more. Well, cover up their nipples at least. But really, isn't it time to ditch basically-naked ladies from our newspapers? Read More >>

Will Free Codes in The Sun Entice You to the Paywalled Sun Online?

The Sun's about to erect a whopping great paywall around its web site, copying (grown-up) sister title The Times in limiting online access to the things it writes about Katie Price and laughably describes as "news." Will it stop you reading? Did you ever read it? Would you knowingly pay for it? Read More >>

NASA Images Reveal a Part of the Sun We've Never Seen Before

IRIS 's instrument is part ultraviolet telescope, part spectrograph. It snaps high-res images, monitoring just one per cent of our brightest star at a time. It looks at just one wavelength at a time, and it's so powerful, can pick up very detailed features of the Sun, down to 150 miles across. IRIS exists to give scientists a better look at how heat and energy move through the Sun's mysterious lower atmosphere, and why those electronics-scrambling Sun flares cause us strife down here on Earth from time to time. Read More >>

Would You Pay £2 a Week for the Sun Online+?

The Sun, that bastion of quality news journalism and tits on page 3, is planning to erect a paywall for its online offerings, in something it's calling Sun+. Basically, you pay two quid a month for access to the paper and "near-live" TV clips of Premier League footie. Tempting perhaps? Read More >>

Murdoch Hints at Imminent Death of the Sun's Page 3 Stunner

The lighthearted and/or massively sexist tradition of the Page 3 Girl might finally be on the way out, with octogenarian Twitter nutcase Rupert Murdoch claiming he's "considering" issuing the order to have his girls put them away for good. Read More >>

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This Stunning CGI Short Shows What It Would Look Like If the Sun Died

NASA's Voyager 1 is out there, still going strong, and is due to pass out of our own solar system. If it was still functioning at the end of time for our Sun, this is what it might look like. Beautiful, in death's cold, dark embrace. Read More >>

Turns Out The Sun Is Rounder And Flatter Than We Thought

So it looks like the sun is a bit rounder than we thought it was, but it's also a bit flatter too. Weird, huh? Well, when we say flatter, we mean scientists say it's a bit more squashed, making the star a bit wider at the middle than at its poles. Read More >>

Is NASA Covering Up Yet Another Massive Alien Spaceship Captured Near Our Sun?

Remember that thing that looked a lot like a Klingon Bird of Prey from last month? Well it seems it's back again, or at least something that looks a heck of a lot like it is. And to make matters worse, NASA's cut the feed for "maintenance" so unfortunately you can't see it live for yourself. Convenient co-incidence or blatant cover-up? Read More >>

The Sun Has Never Looked So Beautiful as It Does In Radiant Blue

We all seem to still be alive and well after that solar flare and radiation storm the Earth was bombarded with earlier in the week. In fact it just seems to have created some of the most amazing aurora photos ever. But NASA’s latest sun video shows the awesome raw power of our star in an ethereal beauty like no other. Read More >>

The Sun Dumbs Down History, in Hold Ye Front Page

The Sun has done its historical front page joke before, in a series of print books released several years ago. Now it's recycling the content online, in a supposedly "educational website" for the culturally unaware. And children. Read More >>


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