The Pledge From the Smartphone Industry That Could Stop Your Phone Being Stolen

The likes of Apple, Google, Microsoft and other major figures in the smartphone industry have signed a pledge that will make it harder to steal mobile phones—from July 2015, at least. Read More >>

Mother Bequeaths iPad to Son But Apple Won't Unlock It

When you die, don't forget to include your Apple ID in your will. Because, if happen to bequeath any Apple devices to friends and family, they'll be useless hunks of metal and glass without the secret word. At least, that's what we're left believing after a standoff between Apple and a dead mother's sons. Read More >>

Best Dad in the World* Steals £40,000 of Lego

A Lego police helicopter was hastily assembled and scrambled in the skies above a West Yorkshire business park, after thieves were discovered to have stolen £40,000 worth of Lego. So be on the lookout for shady men offering you discounted minifigs in pubs. Read More >>

A TV Presenter Tries to Gift Bitcoin on Air, is Immediately Robbed

This past Friday, Bloomberg TV anchor Matt Miller took an on-air opportunity to give the gift of Bitcoin to two of his fellow anchors during his "12 Days of Bitcoin" segment. And in a beautiful twist of karmic justice for running such an absurd segment in the first place, every last digitally-invested cent was stolen immediately. Read More >>

The Best Get Rich Quick Scheme? Selling Stolen Graphing Calculators

You're down and out. You need to make some quick cash. You're not opposed to criminal activity. What do you do? Cook meth? Nah, just sell some stolen graphing calculators out of state. Read More >>

London Man Stabbed for his Copy of GTA V After Midnight Opening

A man walking home from a launch night GTA V shopping event was attacked, stabbed and robbed of his copy of the game, with the thieves even hitting him with a brick for good measure. Read More >>

A Crazy Quarter Criminal Stole $210,000 From Parking Meters

An American parking meter mechanic ran his lucrative criminal conspiracy one quarter at a time. Over eight years, he managed to steal $210,000 (£133,900), or five tonnes of quarters from modified meters. That's a lot of pocket change. Read More >>

Daily Mail Rumbled Nicking Entire Article, Concept and Photos From Blogger

A frustrated blogger caught the Daily Mail lifting an entire article, with the shameless celebrity gusset portal stealing words, photos and certain phrases from a list feature on tourist vandalism he'd put together just a day earlier. Read More >>

Idiot iPhone Thief Leaves His Samsung Galaxy at the Scene, Gets Caught

Irony's a bitch. Alleged iPhone thief Travis Montgomery Snyder knows first hand. His smash-and-grab plot to liberate a whole slew of iPhones from a US phone seller went of mostly without a hitch. Expect for the part where he left his own phone behind. Read More >>

How on Earth are 25,000 People in the UK Stealing Electricity?

According to power industry regulator Ofgem, some 25,000 people every year are caught trying to steal electricity, with around one third of those using their stolen electricity to help power illegal cannabis farms. Read More >>

Hackers Stole £30 Million In Cash From ATMs Around the Globe

Waving a gun around at a bank is so 10 years ago. With a little tech on their side, a squad of bank robbers were able to snag a cool £30 million in cash with nothing but some hacks and few old key cards that had ATMs across the globe virtually printing money. Read More >>

Stolen UK Laptop Is Sending Its Owner Secret Photos From Its New Home in Iran

Dom Del Torto is an animator currently living in the UK. Dom Del Torto's laptop is a MacBook Pro currently living 3,000 miles away in Iran. This was not a planned separation. Read More >>

Drunk Teen Sold Stolen Safari Park Tortoise for £30

The dangers of drinking and visiting safari parks have been illustrated by young Adam Steff, who stole a giant tortoise from Woburn Safari Park. You know, for a laugh. Read More >>

Thieves Steal Entire Bridge, The Whole Bridge, For Scrap Metal

The days of casually crossing a creek are over if you live in the Gölçük district of Kocaeli province in western Turkey. Which maybe you don't. But the point is that someone stole a 22-tonne, 82-foot-long bridge from there. It's just gone. Read More >>

MP Accuses HMV of Theft Over Gift Voucher Sales

A Tory MP and legal expert has accused HMV of literally stealing money from customers over the past few weeks, claiming that management's decision to continue selling gift vouchers while the chain teetered on the brink was tantamount to "obtaining property by deception." Read More >>


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