LG's Made a 5.5-inch 2560 x 1440 Smartphone Display with 538 PPI

Hot diggity. LG just announced an insane 5.5-inch smartphone screen that has pixels that must be made from some sort of mixture between dense diamond sparkles and unicorn blood paint. More seriously, the 5.5-inch AH-IPS LCD display's resolution is 2,560 x 1,440 (Quad HD) and packs 538 pixels per inch. That makes it the highest resolution and ppi for a smartphone panel ever made. Read More >>

LG's World's Slimmest 1080p Display Is Impossibly Thin

With everyone racing to become the thinnest, slimmest thing in technology, LG just showed off how skinny it has gotten. Millimetres matter man! LG's new 1080p HD display is perfect for giganto smartphones at 5.2-inches big and just 2.2mm thin. On top of that, it only has a 2.3mm bezel, which makes it practically floating glass. Read More >>

The New iMac Is a Little Too Thin

Those anorexic new, super-thin iMacs are gorgeous for sure, but there's a serious downside to that diminutive depth -- the 21.5-inch iMac no longer has RAM you can replace yourself, so you're stuck with Apple's horrendously expensive prices, just like the MacBook Air and new retina MacBook Pro models. Ouch. Read More >>

The iPhone 5 Could Be Pretty Damn Thin

While the iPhone 4S is no longer the skinniest of the smartphone bunch, it's still pretty thin. Mind you, compared to an allegedly complete, leaked iPhone 5, the 4S looks positively chubby. Read More >>


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