Harness Thor's Mighty Mjölnir Hammer To Charge Your Gadgets

With seemingly unlimited celestial power, it only makes sense that Thor should share a little bit of the Mjölnir Hammer's capabilities with humanity when he's not battling Loki or alien invaders. After all, a dead smartphone can be just as catastrophic to some people as the world ending. And while it might not be Thor's exact hammer, this version of the Mjölnir is far more useful to humans addicted to their phones. Read More >>

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This Thorium Reactor Has the Power of a Norse God

The Uranium-235 and -238 we use in modern nuclear fission reactors are humanity's single most energy-dense fuel source (1,546,000,000 MJ/L), but that potent power potential comes at a steep price — and not just during natural disasters. Its radioactive plutonium byproducts remain lethally irradiated for millennia. That's why one pioneering Nordic company is developing an alternative fuel that doesn't produce it. Read More >>

I'm Not Sure I Trust This Guy With an 80,000 Volt Thor Hammer

We support authentic cosplay as much as the next superhero-loving blog, but this recreation of Thor's Mjolnir hammer that's capable of generating 80,000 arcing volts is just straight-up scary. Read More >>

Thor's Hammer Weighs as Much as 3 Billion Elephants, Says Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson just took the mystery out of a cosmic mystery in comics, and somehow made it even cooler. How much does Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor forged from a collapsing star, actually weigh? Turns out, stars weigh a lot. Read More >>

Nerdgasm Alert: Full Size Lego Avengers Props!

Ken Robichaud has created these awesome, full-sized Avengers props in Lego: Thor's Mjölnir, Captain America's shield, Hawkeye's bow and arrows and the Black Widow's thingamajigs. They are perfectly made. The arch even bends like the real thing! (nerdy scream). Read More >>


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