Western Digital My Book Thunderbolt Duo Lightning Review: A Giant Gorilla

Western Digital's inevitable Thunderbolt offering is missing solid state guts—and that hurts it a lot. But what it lacks in speed, it makes up for in capacity. It is an enormous vault, with more space than most humans will ever need. Read More >>

Apple Releases OS X Thunderbolt Update That Doesn't Screw Your Mac

Apple's first attempt at rolling out support for its new Thunderbolt devices ended in tears, when it stopped many Macs being able to boot properly. Fortunately, the problem's now fixed. Read More >>

Thunderbolt Software Update For OS X Causes Boot Failure

Since Monday's WWDC keynote, Apple has been pushing out a range of minor updates which ready OS X for new hardware. Among them is a fairly trivial 537 KB Thunderbolt update — which happens to be causing some massive boot issues. Read More >>

You Still Can't Buy Belkin's More Expensive, Redesigned Thuderbolt Dock

Belkin has been developing a Thunderbolt dock for almost a year. When it showed it off at CES in January, it looked like it was almost ready to go on sale... but, no. Instead Belkin has completely redesigned it and made it £65 more expensive. Oh, and you still can't buy it yet. Read More >>

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LaCie Little Big Disk Lightning Review: The Future Is Shockingly Super Fast

The Little Big Disk is simply the fastest way to backup your data you've ever used. But it's also, finally, a delivery on Apple's promise that Thunderbolt would do crazy things to our tech lives. That promise came true. Read More >>

How Is This Supercharged MacBook Air Editing Crazy HD Video?

The peppy Air has come a long way from its birthday, when it crawled out of the Apple womb scrawny and anemic. Now it's got serious processing muscle—but not enough to edit insanely high-res video, right? Wrong! Read More >>

Finally, Thunderbolt Stuff You Can Actually Buy Is on the Way

Thunderbolt is fast. Actually, that's a simplistic view. It's incredibly fast (10Gbps bi-directional speeds!) and can handle multiple protocols. You can use Thunderbolt to attach a monitor, external drives, video capture devices, and hubs that support USB and Firewire. Real products are finally arriving, so we thought we'd make a list of the best ones. Read More >>

Make The Most of Your Mac's Thunderbolt Connectivity With Belkin's Long-Awaited Dock

Making full use of your Mac's thunderbolt port has been an expensive business until now, with the only dock option being a £899 Apple display. Thankfully Belkin is finally releasing its Thunderbolot Express dock in September 2012. Read More >>

LaCie's 2big Thunderbolt RAIDs Quench Your Need For Transfer Speed

LaCie has officially invited their 2big line of RAIDS to join the Thunderbolt party, granting them transfer speeds up to three times faster than a tired old FireWire 800 connection. At 311MB/s, you better tell your data to buckle up. Read More >>

Acer's Aspire S5 Ultrabook Comes In As the Ultra-Thinnest

Acer's first Ultrabook, the Aspire S5, also happens to be one of the first of what will certainly be a tidal wave of Ultrabooks announced at CES this year. It's just 15mm thick at its largest point, and weighs in at less than 3 pounds. Read More >>

Apple's Latest Patent Shows Plans for Thunderbolt-Enabled iOS Devices

We all know Apple is putting its support behind Thunderbolt/Light Peak as the next dominant data transfer standard. Their latest patent applications show a use for the technology beyond MacBooks and iMacs: iOS devices. Read More >>

Lenovo Shows Thunderbolt Isn't Just Apple's Playground

Lenovo's announced the first Windows laptop, the ThinkPad Edge S430, to pack Thunderbolt connectivity using the same mini DisplayPort connector as Apple's current line-up. Finally, we might see more than just Apple and Intel getting behind the lightning quick standard. Read More >>

Intel's Thunderbolt Coming to PCs from April 2012

Intel and Apple's Thunderbolt data transfer format could soon be a bullet-point on your new PC's tech spec sheet, with Intel reportedly preparing to launch a PC version of the adaptable daisy-chain interface next spring. Read More >>

Apple's Thunderbolt Display Has a Ton of Chips and a Freaking Subwoofer

We already knew the guts in a Thunderbolt cable were pretty impressive, but iFixit's teardown of Apple's 27-inch Thunderbolt display shows just how much circuitry goes into making Intel's new transfer technology work, even in a monitor. Read More >>

Thunderbolt Will Become Even Faster—Just with New Cables

Most of us have had zero opportunity to tap Thunderbolt's monster transfer speeds, but Intel's already promising huge boosts in the near future. The best part? The Thunderbolt ports we already have will get the upgrade, no changes necessary. Read More >>


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