Commuter Cashback Scheme May Encourage Londoners to Walk or Bike to Work

London's Mayor is open to considering a scheme that would enhance the part-time travelcard scheme with new incentives for commuters, including a plan that could hand out cash rebates on season tickets for days when travellers dare to cycle or walk instead. Read More >>

Grab Some Hot Tickets to Monty Python on Stage for Your "Something Completely Different" Deal of the Day

Knock knock. Who is there? A dead parrot! Hahahaha! Doctor, doctor; I feel like I've been a very naughty boy and am not the messiah! Well, perhaps this amusing animation will ease your symptoms. Hahahaha! A horse does a funny walk into a bar and the barman says "and now for something completely different..." Read More >>

"No Change" Parking Meters Rake in Bonus £300k in a Year

Cornwall Council has been having a whale of a time ripping off tourists and locals, with its "no change" parking meters taking over £300,000 in excess parking fees thanks to a decision to stop handing out change. The cost of maintaining the float and an increased risk of vandalism in cash-carrying machines are the excuses for the windfall. [BBC] Read More >>

Rail Regulator Says Train Companies are Hiding Refund Clauses -- and Keeping £100m Compo Kitty to Themselves

The Office of Rail Regulation is looking into forcing train companies to be more open about their refund policies for delays and cancellations, suggesting that current rail franchises try to hide refunds terms from travellers -- saving them from paying out up to £100m in compensation. Read More >>

Miserable Work Commuters Blamed for Disastrous Rail Satisfaction Survey

Over half of the UK's rail franchises scored dismal customer satisfaction scores in a recent survey, with contentment levels at under 50 per cent on 11 of our 19 rail networks -- and one rail company having the audacity to suggest it's because trains take us to work and we hate working. Hence the misery. Nothing to do with being endlessly ripped off, then? Read More >>

Train Companies Heap on the Misery With 2.8 Per Cent Fare Rise and £5,000 Season Ticket Hell

Today's the day that travelling by train gets a little more expensive, as the rail franchises treat themselves to their usual annual pay rise at our expense. Across the country, an average 2.8 per cent increase kicks in today, with some commuters now paying over £5,000 for the privilege of sweating on a train twice a day. Read More >>

Hidden Fees Still Ripping Off Online Ticket Buyers

Ludicrous delivery costs for slips of paper and arbitrary fees added at the end of the booking process are ripping off ticket buyers, with a Which? survey finding that some online companies are ratcheting up the cost of buying a ticket by as much as one third. Read More >>

Transport Bosses to Test Three or Four Day Season Tickets for Part-Time Workers

Some rare good news for aggressively-milked commuters has come out of the Liberal Democrat autumn party conference, with a Transport minister announcing plans to allow part-time workers to join in on the discounted rail season ticket fun. Read More >>

Now There's Something You Might Finally Use Passbook For in the UK

Pushing the digital ticket to its logical Apple-themed extension, BA's finally added Passbook support to its iPhone app, meaning there might be something other than Starbucks to use with Passbook in the UK. Read More >>

the dreamers
One Ticketmaster Man's Journey From Call Centre Lackey to Global Systems Engineering Director

For most people, Ticketmaster is just the gateway to gig tickets. In fact, it's the site they love to hate, as they mash that refresh button until that split-second when those golden, elusive tickets become available, before being snatched up by thousands in the time it takes to make a coffee. For Connon MacRae, however, it's been the journey of a lifetime, from humble call-centre worker to a global director of one of the most complex online systems in the world. Read More >>

Why You Shouldn't Post Your Concert Tickets on Facebook

The scene: your girlfriend and/or boyfriend (hey, nothing wrong with polyamory) got you tickets to The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. You've been waiting your whole life to see those goats up close, so naturally, you want to post pictures of your beloved gift on Facebook, rubbing it in all your friends' rodeo-less faces. Here's a tip: don't. Because someone will steal it. Read More >>

Google Now Update Basically Makes It Passbook (and So Much More)

Google Now is awesome, and the best bit is that it's getting even smarter, fast. Google's just rolled out a Now update that basically makes it Passbook for Android. It'll automatically pull boarding passes and tickets straight from your Gmail and slap the QR codes right up front for scanning at the gate. Read More >>

Is It Right to Charge Money to Print Your Own Tickets at Home?

While some people are perfectly happy to pay £400 to watch a handful pensioners playing songs from the 1960s, there's one ticketing scam that still seems particularly mean -- charging us "delivery fees" even when we're printing out emailed digital copies of tickets. Read More >>

android apps
Want Apple's Passbook on Your Android? Grab PassWallet While You Can

Love it or loathe it, now that Apple's launched a non-NFC-packing digital wallet for the iPhone, companies everywhere will jump to support it. Thankfully, if you're an Android user, you too can get in on the screen-based ticketing fun with a cheeky little app called PassWallet. Read More >>

Lolympics: Day 7

In London 2012, even gold medalists take to the Tube, although probably not when there's a Central line collapse just when it starts to get busy. Anyway, that didn't stop our boys winning gold in the cycling last night, nor did it stop the remote-control Minis taking centre stage in the Olympic Stadium. Plus, have you ever wondered what athletes listen to on those massive cans they all seem to wear? Wonder no more, just mind out for the topless Ukrainian feminists while you're out and about, OK? Read More >>

Free Tickets to See Madonna Is Your 53-But-Still-Queen-of-Pop Deal of the Day

If you're in the vicinity of Edinburgh this weekend and would like to see a yummy mummy flailing around a stage while parping out some of the most iconic pop hots of the past three decades, this is one for you. Read More >>


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