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Snowman Cam Lets You Experience What It's Like To Be Mauled By a Tiger (Spoiler: Adorable?)

The zookeepers at Longleat Safari Park were curious what it would be like if its resident tigers finally turn on their captors. So taking advantage of the snowy weather, they stuck a hidden camera inside a snowman and let the big cats have at it. Read More >>

Intel's Dancing Tiger Is Back, and Wants to Sell You Ultrabooks

Intel's back with the crazy-sauce dancing tiger last seen in the Ultrabook commercial back in March, and yup, this promo (staged in front of the Japanese media just a few days ago) is just as bonkers. I definitely can't say it makes me want to buy an Ultrabook, but a dancing tiger, well...where's the nearest zoo? [@LukeWestaway via SlashGear] Read More >>


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