This is What Went Inside London Underground's 150th-Year Anniversary Time Capsule

It's not set to be opened for another 50 years, but if you're alive and well today you can already know what awaits commuters in 2063 inside Transport for London's time capsule, marking the end of the London Underground 150th-year anniversary celebrations. Read More >>

Our Rubbish Is the Most Accurate Time Capsule of All

Time capsules are meant to give future generations a glimpse of what life was like many years ago. But not surprisingly, humans tend to fill time capsules with only the good artefacts of a civilisation, making the story seem rosier than it really was. So when archaeologists and researchers want to find out the real story of a given era, they turn to rubbish instead. Read More >>

Recently Opened Time Capsule Contains 100 Year-Old Lightbulbs That Still Work

Engineers at GE's NELA Park facility recently discovered five intact lightbulbs inside a 100-year-old time capsule. And much to the delight of the dudes over in marketing, three of the century-old bulbs still work. Read More >>


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