This is Where Time Comes From

Your mobile phone, car navigation systems, bank trading platforms, internet infrastructure and even military devices all share one thing in common: the time they use originates from the US Naval Observatory's Time Services. Read More >>

How the Time of Sunrise and Sunset Varies Around the World

Time zones are strange old things, especially the way they prescribe one time to thousands of miles of land mass—so this visualisation shows which parts of the world experience unusually early and late hours of daylight as a result. Read More >>

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The Time Everywhere Right Now, Beautifully Visualised

Today's XKCD really is wonderful: called 'Now', it's a simple clock which shows you what time it is in the world right... now, and changes each time you check back on it. Read More >>

Spain Might Jump Time Zones to Stimulate its Economy

If your economy isn't doing so well, just jump into another time zone. This might be the next step for Spain, according to a proposal being kicked around since September. Read More >>

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The Subtle Art of Time and Space in Animation

Norman McLaren, a pioneer of 20th century animation, once said that "what happens between each frame is more important than what exists on each frame." But what the hell did he mean? Read More >>

One in Twelve Waking Minutes Spent Online in Zombie UK

We managed to spend one in twelve minutes of our waving lives on the internet during the first half of 2013, with smartphone and tablet accessibility turning us into a nation of nervous, twitching, internet-checking wrecks. Read More >>

Flies See the World in Matrix-Style Slow Motion

If you've ever sat puzzling over a fly's ability to outmanoeuvre your swift slap of death almost every. single. time—puzzle no more. According to science, you're just measly Agent Smith to the bug's Neo; new research shows that a creature's perception of time is directly related to its size, meaning flies live in a world where time passes as if in slow motion. Read More >>

It Takes Longer To Compose Texts That Have A Lie In Them

Most people lie. Whether it's once and a while or daily, everyone has to do their thing and sometimes lying seems like the best way to make it all work. But liars have tells, which can be just as important in life as in poker. And a new study suggests that people take longer to respond to texts when they're cooking up a lie. Just one more thing to factor into the social calculus. Read More >>

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This Is the World's Most Accurate Clock

Need the time? How about to the closest hundred trillionth of a second? No problem! Because this, officially now the world's most accurate clock, can tell the time more accurately than any other device ever has. Read More >>

Mathematician Designs a Time Cloak That Uses Just Light and Mirrors

You know what the futurists are always saying: Time cloaks are so cool but they're so complicated. And it's true! What were you expecting from a device that literally hides moments in time? A Northwestern mathematician has just shown, though, it doesn't have to be quite so hard after all. Read More >>

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Here's Proof That Your Perception of Time Is Awful

Do you think Cleopatra lived at a time closer to the Great Pyramid being built, or Neil Armstrong landing on the moon? You might be surprised by the answer. Read More >>

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If You Don't Live For Billions of Years You're Gonna Miss Out

The average human lifespan is a lot longer than it used to be. But we're barely into triple digits here and if we individually want to see anything awesome we're gonna have to stick around for a few degrees of magnitude longer. That immortality thing or whatever. Why haven't we done that again? Read More >>

Why 3.5 Per Cent of Android Clocks Are an Hour Off

At OpenSignal, each datapoint we collect has two timestamps: the time the reading was taken and the time the reading was inserted into our server. Because we make extensive use of SQLite cacheing on devices, these times can be far apart -- sometimes up to the order of weeks. Read More >>

A Time Cloak Made from Lasers Can Erase Data from History

Time cloaks are so much cooler than invisibility cloaks because they use freaking time to hide things, not silly dumb vision tricks. This new method of using a time cloak is the first that can cloak data at rapid rates. It might change security altogether. Read More >>

BBC Home Page Clock to be Pulled After ONE Complaint

Did you know there's a clock on the BBC's home page? Well there is. That's it there in a screenshot. The problem is, it uses your PC's system time to display the time, so if your PC's set wrong so is the BBC's clock. And for that petty reason alone, it's going to be removed. Read More >>

Physicists Just Created the World's Most Precise Clock—Ever

We know that the universe is roughly 13.8 billion years old—give or take a few hundred million years. Which seems like a decently accurate reading. But a new pair of clocks, which can measure time at a 10^18 fractional level, makes our own measurements look like child's play. To have the same level of precision as these twin timepieces, we'd have to be able to specify the age of the known universe to within less than one second. Read More >>


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