Your Facebook Profile Just Changed Again

If you're not the embrace change type, you're going to throw another mini-fit today: Facebook is switching up the look of your profile. Again. Again, again. Read More >>

The History of the Photograph in a Facebook Timeline

What does a photograph mean to you today? Maybe an Instagram pic shot with your iPhone. Or a Facebook group photo taken with a point and shoot. Or if you're fancy, a DSLR-taken, Flickr-uploaded portrait. But what was it before? Kodak? Polaroid? This Facebook Timeline shows you the life of a photograph, from its invention (or birth) until now. Read More >>

Facebook Will Change Your Profile to Timeline This Autumn, Like It or Not

Timeline, Facebook's hypergraphical profile triumph, has been around for almost a year—and there are still people either ignorant of or averse to the redesign. Tough pokes, says FB: you're getting switched before the year is over. Read More >>

Facebook Is Telling Evvvvveryone All the Embarrassing Shit You "Like"

Quick! Take a look at your Facebook profile. What do you "like"? Do you really like these things? Are you willing to PUT YOUR REPUTATION ON THE LINE just so you can affirm your affection for the UKIP? Read More >>

Without Facebook, We'd Have No Sense of Self: Agree or Disagree?

I was talking with a good friend today about, among much else, Facebook and introspection and self-image. I'm on Facebook, my friend never has been. (No, really, never.) He said he doesn't think about himself or reflect on his life nearly as much as other people (myself included) seem to. And he wondered if, maybe, his disinterest in analysing the minutiae of his life has anything to do with not having a Facebook account. Read More >>

Not Even Mark Zuckerberg Can Be Bothered to Use Facebook's Life Events

No one I know is using Facebook's Timeline Life Events. When Facebook introduced the feature with Timeline, I thought, yes, that could work great for historic brands and famous people, but for users? Why bother? It seems not even Mark Zuckerberg himself can be arsed with it, so why should you? Read More >>

Facebook Testing New Profile Look (Again!)

Plenty of people are still unwrapping their undies after the move to Facebook's super-graphical Timeline look—and now the company is ready to mix things up again. Check out what your profile might look like soon. Read More >>

The Definitive History of People Hating Facebook's Redesigns

Buzzfeed's FWD has put together a Facebook timeline filled with people getting VERY VERY ANGRY about each and every tweak to Facebook's design and functionality. Everyone hates everything that Facebook does, and always has, apparently. Read More >>

steve jobs
Watch Steve Jobs' Life In a Facebook Timeline

Someone built a Facebook timeline with the life of Steve Jobs. It's quite nice to go through it and look at his life in this format, rather than having to suffer through Isaacson's rushed out prose. Read More >>

How to Hack Your Facebook Profile Photo with Timeline

We love Timeline for Facebook. Maybe you don't. Doesn't really matter since Facebook is forcing everyone to switch. So what to do? We say have some fun with it! Since Timeline adds a big, splashy picture to your profile page, you can easily hack that big picture with your original profile picture to give your Facebook page some character (and make all your friends Like you). Here's how. Read More >>

Facebook Movie Maker Glorifies the Lamest You

Facebook Timeline is already cinematic—a whooshing biographical column of your entire life, writ enormous. So turning it into a movie is the next natural step. Too bad Facebook's directing debut makes you look so dull. Read More >>

Get Ready: Facebook Is Forcing Everyone to Use Timeline

All of you Timeline holdouts: the holding out ends soon. "Over the next few weeks, everyone will get timeline," says Facebook. And by "will get," they mean "must use." Here we go! Read More >>

What Facebook's Open Graph Update Means For Your Timeline

Yesterday Facebook launched Open Graph, its tool for letting third party developers share actions in your timeline, with 60 new partners. Here's what you can do with it, and why you might not like it. Read More >>

Facebook Tagging Adverts as "Featured" Stories to Deliberately Confuse?

Facebook has started placing adverts within its main news feed, causing confusion about the terminology it's using. Instead of saying "Adverts" or "Sponsored posts" or something obvious so you know never to click on the stupid things, the ads are tagged as "Featured" -- which doesn't make it clear that you're seeing a paid comment. Read More >>

Facebook Wants to Print Your Face On a Business Card For Free

Facebook’s just launched the “Facebook Card”, a business card gleaned from your Facebook profile and has tapped an award-winning web-printing company, Moo.com, based London’s Silicon Roundabout to do it. Read More >>

Can This Facebook Page Convince You Not To Take Drugs?

The Israel Anti-Drug Authority thought that the new Facebook profile timeline would be a perfect way to convince people not to take drugs, using it to show a life with and without drugs. It's clever and cute. Read More >>


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