Why Times and Timezones Still Confuse the Hell Out Developers

There have been no end of time and calendar mess ups in software over the years, and they still seem to keep happening. So why is it that times and timezones still confuse the hell out of developers? Read More >>

Sony Patent Measures Loading Times to Detect Piracy

A clever bit of automatic deduction could help block users playing pirated versions of Sony games in the future, with the company patenting a system that compares load times to see if it's playing off an official disc or a dodgy cheap burn. Read More >>

EE Switching on 4G in 17 New Towns and Cities by Next March

It'll be getting a little less grim up in the northern towns of Bradford, Doncaster and Dudley over the coming months, as they're set to join the EE 4G LTE party early in 2013. Read More >>


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