The Jurassic Park Trilogy on Blu-ray Is Your Dinosaur-Fuelled World of Wonder Deal of the Day

Dinosaurs – fictional beasts invented by God so that bible-bashers can tell us exactly how long the world has been in existence. Or something like that anyway. Oh, and they’re also movie stars. Read More >>

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The New Tintin Movie Needs to Use This Sweet Animation Video

James Curran, an animator and fan of the Tintins, cleverly created a title sequence that incorporates all 24 Tintin books somehow. It's fresh and engaging and cute and funny and reminds me of childhood. Can you make out the references? [Slim Jim Studios via The Awesomer] Read More >>

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The Brand New TinTin Trailer Looks Better Every Time I Watch It

Nope. No uncanny valley here—we see a few shots of actual, humanoid talking. No dead doll faces. Just pure bloody brilliant action. Did you see that motorcycle?! Well, Mr. Spielberg. I'm officially watching this. [MSN UK via /Film] Read More >>


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