Snow Tyres With Studs That Retract at the Push of a Button

Studded tyres are probably the best way to avoid sliding all over the place on slippery, icy roads. But when that layer of snow and ice is gone, they're not particularly friendly to bare asphalt. Nokian Tyres, though, has developed this concept tyre with studs that extend and retract with the push of a button on your dashboard. Read More >>

Printed Tyres Are The Next Generation Of White Walls

Appealing to that small demographic who don't know the line between tasteful and tacky, Bridgestone has developed a new printing technology that lets drivers add custom artwork and patterns to the sides of their tires. Read More >>

Bridgestone's Airless Tires Look Even Better In Motion

Not only do the curved resin spokes of Bridgestone's new Air-Free tires mean you may never have to change a flat again, they also serve as rolling eye candy, and the sleekest upgrade to tires since white walls. Read More >>

When Humble Car Tires Become Delicate Works of Art

When your stable of art projects includes feces and tattooed pigs, using tires as your canvas is no real surprise. Read More >>


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