Rumour: Facebook to Get its Own Drones to Fill the Skies With Internet

TechCrunch is reporting that Facebook is in discussions to purchase Titan Aerospace—in a bid to secure its own fleet of endurance drones to take internet to the air. Read More >>

This Squishy NASA Rover Is Mostly Empty Space

It's called the Super Ball Bot, and it weighs only a few pounds. This contraption is light enough and agile enough to make its way around Saturn's moon, Titan, as it can pack itself into a tiny space and expand for full functionality. It wouldn't even need a parachute to land on the moon. While it's still in the prototype phase, the robot could ostensibly fall the 62 miles to the surface without sustaining any damage. Once it lands, it just dances across the surface. [NASA via Engadget] Read More >>

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These Incredibly Realistic Human Face Computer Graphics Will Obviously Be Used for Porn

We've seen how impressive Nvidia's new Titan GPU can be, but this is kind of nuts. Face rendering that is pretty darn close to briding the uncanny valley. It's remarkable. And also? This is obviously going to be used for porn. Read More >>

Nvidia Titan: A Massive GPU That Might Be Unbeatable

Today Nvidia is pulling the wraps off the GK110-based GeForce GTX Titan, a single-GPU card that is expected to easily capture the title of Baddest Ass GPU in the world when benchmarks are released this Thursday, February 21st. The Titan is Nvidia's "Big Kepler" GPU, and has double the transistors and almost double the CUDA cores of the mid-range GK104 chip found in its flagship GeForce GTX 680 GPU. Though it runs at a lower clock speed in stock trim, it should still offer a sizable performance improvement over the already capable GTX 680. Read More >>

I Would Sell My Soul To See This With My Own Eyes

The little grey ball is Dione, the third largest of Saturn's moons. The large brown sphere with the ethereal haze is Titan, the largest. In the background, that's Saturn and its rings. Never has an astronomy picture looked so painterly to me. Read More >>

That's No Moon It's a Space Station... Errr, Wait... Nope That's a Moon and It Looks Like Earth

Combining images from 70 Cassini flybys, Saturn's largest moon, Titan, looks surprisingly like Earth. Both Cassini's Visual and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer were used to penetrate the thick atmosphere surrounding the moon to reveal the Earth-like surface. [SPACE] Read More >>

Cheeky Phones4U Grabs HTC Titan and Radar Ahead of Launch

HTC's humungous 4.7-inch Titan Windows Phone and its smaller brother the Radar are available right now ahead of their official launch at Phones4U. If you're desperate for a bit of HTC Mango action, best head over there quick-smart. [Phones4U via The Inquirer via Engadget] Read More >>


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