It's Almost Impossible for a Wallet To Get Any Thinner Than This

The pursuit of an absolutely minimal wallet leads some to just wrap an elastic band around their plastic cards and cash. But many of us still need a little more structure than that, and that's what the Flexy delivers, with a form factor that's just barely larger than a single credit card. Read More >>

3d printing
You Could Download and Print This Titanium Bike Frame

It may look like an alien desk tidy, but you're actually looking at a bicycle frame hot off the 3D printer. Read More >>

Ultra-Simple Titanium Tools That Tackle Any Task With Style

Who says a multitool has to be some monstrous device overflowing with foldout blades and screwdrivers that's too large to comfortably carry in your pocket? The Portland-based design team at Industry takes a less is more approach with this pair of Solid: Series One tools that can be used however you want—and should survive any task, since they're made from solid titanium. Read More >>

These 3D-Printed Titanium Watches Will Probably Outlive You

Titanium is one of those rare wonder materials that sounds like it could only exist in the movies as a fanciful plot device. It's real, though, and stronger and lighter than steel, which makes it a little tricky to work with. That is, unless you grind it into a powder and recombobulate it into any shape you want with a 3D laser printer — like the folks at rvnDSGN did for this lovely collection of titanium wristpieces. Read More >>

I Can't Think of a Better Wedding Ring Than This Cool Titanium Utility Ring

The Titanium Utility Ring is not a wedding ring per se. But since I don't like man rings and the only rings I've ever worn are three wedding rings, it is a wedding ring to me. I mean, if I had to marry a fourth time, I'd definitely get this thing. Read More >>

30 Years of G-Shock Celebrated, With Titanium MR-G and Other Limited Edition Watches

The idea to create "the toughest watch in the world" came to Japanese creator Kikuo Ibe, when he dropped and broke a precious watch given to him by his father. The first G-Shocks were developed in the 80s, and 30 years on they're tougher and smarter than ever. One item in particular, "the ultimate G-Shock", has been developed to celebrate the anniversary, the MR-G. Read More >>

Lightweight Carbon Fibre Axe Is More Of an Artistic Masterpiece Than a Tool

Who says artists can only use paints and canvas, or musical instruments, to craft a masterpiece? The folks at Blue Ant Studio deserve a spot in the Louvre for its lightweight but strong Carbo Axe made from titanium and carbon fibre. Read More >>

World's Smallest .45 Caliber Pistol Looks Easier To Pocket Than the Galaxy Note

Measuring a mere 5/8ths of an inch thick and weighing just 396g, Heizer Defense claims its new DoubleTap tactical pocket pistol is the smallest and lightest .45 caliber handgun you can buy. Read More >>

These Keychain Multi-Tools Prove That Nothing Is Cooler Than Milled Titanium

I couldn't tell you why, but CNC-milled titanium seems to invoke the same testosterone pumping response as watching a grizzly bear fight a bald eagle. So whatever the reason is, I get the same feeling from the Prybar and Barbar titanium keychain-tools from Anso Knives. Read More >>


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