Tokyoflash Kisai Rorschach Watch Turns Telling the Time Into a Psych Evaluation

Tokyoflash, purveyors of wristwatches so cryptic as to make your time keeping abilities more rather than less tardy, are back with the Kisai Rorschach, an e-paper watch that would require a psychology doctorate in order to read. Read More >>

You Don't Need to Be a Cryptologist to Read Tokyo Flash's Latest Watch

With increasingly complex designs, Tokyo Flash continues to cement itself as the go-to watch maker for collectors who don't need to actually tell the time. But its new Kisai Logo model breaks the mould with an LCD display that's fairly straightforward to interpret. Read More >>

The Kisai Zone Tells the Time in Hexagons

Tokyo Flash, the Japanese watchmaker that loves to make hard-to-read timepieces, has just launched its latest model: the Zone, which tells the time in hexagons. Read More >>

Tokyo Flash's Kisai Uzumaki Marks the Flow of Time with Swirling Vortex Hands

Japanese watchmaker Tokyo Flash has just released its newest user-designed timepiece. It may not be as famous (yet) as a certain other Uzumaki but it's certainly just as awesome. Read More >>

Tokyo Flash Finally Makes An Easy-to-Read Watch—Once You Figure It Out

I'll admit it, it's been nearly a month since I covered Tokyo Flash's Kisai Optical Illusion watch and I still can't read the damn thing (it's a schooner, I'm told). But the Japanese company's latest user-submitted design is actually quite easy to interpret (hint: it isn't Morse code). Read More >>

Look! It's a Sailboat—Wait, No, It's 4:15

You know what I hate? Glancing at my watch and actually reading the correct time. Thankfully, Kisai's new watch forces me to read it like I would a 1990's optical illusion poster. Read More >>

3d printing challenge
The Winner of Santa's High-Tech 3D-Printed Sleigh Is...

Even with most of you being too busy scoffing mince pies to enter this month's 3D Printing Challenge, we still got some superb entries for santa's high-tech sleigh. Of the six that entered though, only one can win an actual 3D print of their design, plus a Tokyo Flash watch of their choosing... Read More >>

3d printing challenge
Get Yer Entries In For This Month's 3D Printing Challenge

The deadline for our first-ever 3D printing Challenge has been extended by one week, as Tokyo Flash has plumped out the winners' bounty with one of its just-announced Kisai Seven watches. You now have until the 31st of October to send in a sketch or render of a character or figurine of your choosing, with the winner receiving a 3D-printed model of their design, plus Tokyo Flash's latest watch. Read More >>

Tokyo Flash Turns Brit's Tron-Like Design Into a Real Watch

Continuing their fine trade of turning wannabe designers' sketches into real watches you and I can buy, Tokyo Flash has plucked a Brit's idea out of the sea of wrist-furniture, and called it the Kisai Seven. Inspired by Tron, it may look like no watch you've seen before, but the dark patches on the inner and outer rings actually act as hands. Read More >>


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