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Watch Seven Whole-Minutes of The Hobbit Right Now

The latest Tolkien epic to be turned into a movie, The Hobbit, isn't set to be released until December 13th in the UK, but who cares? You can see seven-whole-minutes of the thing right here, right now. Read More >>

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The Latest Hobbit Trailer Looks Like Lord of the Rings Hit With a Shrink-O-Ray

We already know the Hobbit is going to be split into not just two films, but three, and that part one, An Unexpected Journey, will be out just before Christmas. But now we know it'll be like Lord of the Rings only pint-sized. Well, in height at least, it'll probably still be way too long just like its older brothers. Read More >>

One Does Not Simply Walk Barefoot Into Mordor With These Hobbit Slippers

Hobbit slippers, it's a fairly simple idea yet we're just really seeing them now nearly 11 years after Hobbits first graced the big screen during The Fellowship of The Ring. Now you can transform your feet into something with such impressive hair it would make Bigfoot jealous, all for only £30-odd all-in, thanks to the great minds at Think Geek. Read More >>

The Hobbit Will Be Made Into Three Films as Peter Jackson Milks the Cash Cow Even More

Well, here's a bit of blatant money grubbing. Peter Jackson's announced that The Hobbit will be extended into a trilogy. That's just one book, spread into three separate films. By that maths, surely the Lord of the Rings should have been nine films? Read More >>

"Unoriginal Bastard" Tolkien Rips Off Harry Potter... Again!

Ever noticed the similarities between The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter? IMDb commenter brian__007 did and came to a startling realisation. Tolkien totally ripped off Rowling and not only that, the "bastard's" at it again with The Hobbit, his latest "original" work. Read More >>


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