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Apparently The Avengers Was a Little Too Much For Tony Stark

If you haven't seen Iron Man 3 yet, here's a little clip to put you in the mood. Apparently all that alien bashing, with a God for a sidekick, was all a bit too much for poor Stark. Now he can't sleep. I feel ya Tony, I can't sleep either. But then, I don't have billions of pounds to spend on whatever I want and a suit that you can actually fly like Superman in. Get over it you big baby! Read More >>

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So That's Why the Mandarin Blew the Crap Out of Iron Man's Malibu House

We've seen a snippet of this clip before in one of the trailers, but now Disney's released the first full clip from Iron Man 3. No wonder Stark's place got blown to smithereens. Everyone knows you just don't give out your home address to madmen and then taunt them to come visit you. Idiot. Read More >>

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Ouch, Iron Man Looks Pretty Damn Beat Up in this Latest Iron Man 3 Shot

Marvel knows how to titillate us. Leak a few images here and there, then a trailer that shows Stark's amazing mansion getting blown sky-high, and then a few more tantalising shots. Looks like Stark's having a really bad day. Is that blood I see? Surely not, Mr. Billionaire-playboy-philanthropist? Read More >>

Real-Life Tony Stark Turns His Broken Down Car Into a Motorcycle To Escape the Desert

He might not have Tony Stark's vast wealth, but Emile Leray seems like he's just as skilled a mechanic as Stark was when the chips are down. After his Citroen 2CV broke down in the desert, he spent twelve days rebuilding it into a working motorcycle so he could make his escape. Read More >>


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